Learn How To Become A Pro DJ at Scratching: Free Full Video Tutorials

Learn How To Become A Pro DJ at Scratching: Free Full Video Tutorials

Written by Jaron Lewis

Learning how to scratch properly isn’t as easy as it looks from the outside for DJ’s. Getting the right sounds, the right tones and all in the right places is an art that takes years to learn in its truest form.

Learning the basics is absolutely key in this and making sure you have the right flow to feel when you need to be scratching is something that comes with a greater understanding of how the sound works. If you really want to learn how to scratch and some different scratching techniques then you’ve come to the right places.

Practice Will Make Perfect

The great thing about learning to how to scratch on turntables is that once you have the basics and some different techniques you can practice at any point. The combination of not just knowledge but the will and desire to keep working even when it feel almost impossible is absolutely key and it is this dedication that most failed turntablists fall down.

While time and dedication you might have in abundance, if it is the money side of things it can be frustrating listening to others perform when you would love to learn. Fortunately there are some great places on the internet to get into the basics and learn from there.

School Of Scratch

While School of Scratch (https://schoolofscratch.com/) is technically a paid service they (like many other scratch learning providers) offer some free videos when you first sign up. When you first sign up to School of Scratch you will receive two full tutorials that cover some of the basics of turntable scratching and while this might not seem like much, learning from someone as skilled as the guys behind School of Scratch is the best place to start.

This will give you the opportunity to learn some good techniques and once you’ve learned the best way to hold yourself, you’ll pass this onto other scratching tutorials you watch automatically.

DJ Angelo

Now if you want some more in depth scratching videos that will cover more techniques than just the basics then DJ Angelo has set up some excellent free scratch tutorials (http://www.studioscratches.com/dj-angelo-scratch-tutorials/).

Not only is he incredibly talented in the art of scratching but he is able to explain everything in great detail. Knowing why you do and don’t do certain things is as important as learning different techniques because it makes self learning much easier.

It Won't Be Easy

Learning to become a pro DJ at scratching doesn’t need to be an impossible task but it won’t be easy. You’ll need to be dedicated to the cause and have the patience to keep pushing even when things frustrate you.

The good news is that anyone can learn how to scratch just so long as they are able to push themselves and with the help of these free tutorials you’re well on the way to becoming a winner.



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