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Legion Beats/Midi Money Review From Actual Marketers (Not Reddit)

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

There is an ongoing misconception surrounding musicians that they need thousands of dollars for marketing or a major record label contract in order to achieve their dreams of making it big in the music industry. Although this was true in the past, times have now drastically changed and today’s path to industry success looks much different than it did in previous years. 

Of course you need great music to win big (and thousands of marketing dollars has never hurt anyone) but becoming successful boils down to needing much more than just money and music. Factors like having a great team behind you, proper promotion and marketing strategies, the right knowledge and willingness to learn, help of professional platforms, and the right collaborators are truly more beneficial than just about anything.

The truth of the matter is that the music industry is extremely hard to break into — and in order to have a sustainable career in music, you’ll most likely need the help or advice from someone who has already achieved success themselves. 

The music business is very much a collaborative one, which takes strife and effort among multiple people in order to receive a certain level of acclaim. However, finding the right team or entity to combine forces with can sometimes be a difficult task among artists and producers.

Many musicians find themselves with a ton of music hoarded on their computers, most of it going unheard because they do not have the proper platform or connections to get it out to the world. This is a very common scenario in the industry. If you are reading this article, chances are you are an artist or producer yourself who is urging to have your music heard in hopes that your next big break or placement will come from it.  

Gabe Schillinger is one music producer in particular who struggled with getting noticed in the early stages of his career. He knew that he made great beats and records, but as we previously mentioned, solely making great music just isn’t enough to make an actual living in this industry. Now, Gabe is a renowned name in the music industry and has worked with legends including Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Too Short — all while wearing the hat of a music producer, engineer, CEO, and entrepreneur. 

But how did he do it? Gabe’s success story is pretty much every musician's dream come true. He found his big break by approaching his music through a business and marketing aspect, instead of only thinking and operating as a creator. He stopped waiting around for a record label or a placement with a major artist and took control of his career by implementing strategies and a business mindset which allowed to make a sustainable living from his passion. 

Thus, Legion Beats was born. Gabe’s perspective shift from being just a producer to being an entrepreneur is what advanced him from creating beats in his dad’s basement to being the CEO of a million dollar beat-selling company. And the best part about it all — he’s here to share his secrets to success with everyone.

How Legion Beats Got Started 

The problem that Gabe and many other producers face when it comes to selling their beats online really comes down to over-saturation in the market. There are thousands of other producers who are trying to do the exact same thing that you are doing — so how do you stand out from the competition

Beat selling websites can be unconventional and inconvenient because it gives artists too many options to choose from once they land on the website. You’ve probably searched for beats before and experienced an overwhelming amount of choices to the point where you decide to just leave the website completely.

Truth be told, Gabe developed Legion Beats in an act of desperation and last attempt to actually make money selling beats online. He knew that there was big money and big potential in the online beat sharing market, but he struggled to tap in and find success of his own. 

After Gabe acknowledged the problem over market saturation, he began to study up on producers who actually were successful and making money in their field. One day he came across a music producer called Anno Domino and became drawn to his approach. This is when he learned about ClickFunnels with stories about marketing and entrepreneurship that resonated with him. 

Gabe finally realized that in order to achieve success as a producer, he needed to start treating his career like an actual business entity and a brand. The reason he previously failed at selling his beats online was not because they weren’t good enough, but because he failed to develop a business plan first. 

What is a Producer Funnel or Click Funnel? 

A producer funnel is a fairly new concept to the music producer community. It is a more efficient way to sell beats online and increase sales by driving more traffic to your website. Basically, the main concept to a producer funnel is collecting emails and re-marketing to your customer base. The best way to build your traffic and email list is to offer free beats that you then send to their email.

Once you acquire their email address, you begin building a relationship with that potential customer by staying in contact with them and offering them something of value such as beats or services — but at zero cost. This then creates leverage and increases your chances of eventually selling them beats or services later down the road.

Producer funnels and click funnels are essentially a huge marketing ploy that’s concept revolves around giving the consumer one initial option, to receive free beats by entering an email address. But here’s where the genius catch comes into play — after submitting an email address, the funnel then takes the person to a landing page such as your beat selling website. From the website it will show that their beats are on the way but before they leave the website, you provide them with an excellent offer that is extremely difficult to refuse. 

Typically you would insert a video or catchy graphic where you (the producer) offers the customer an exclusive limited-time deal that you are running for only a short period of time. Often this deal will be something like 20 Beats at $35 for this week only. This method is sometimes frowned upon because not every producer likes the concept of selling so many beats for such a small amount of money. 

However, the producer funnel system is all about large amounts of sales at smaller costs. This concept doesn’t have to mean you are devaluing your product or brand as long as you are providing something unique to consumers for a limited time and have a story or reason behind doing it. Since it is a limited offer going on for a limited amount of time, customers become more motivated to purchase at that moment due to their fear of missing out. 

You’ve probably seen this many times before — an ad will pop up on your social media offering you something of value but free of charge to you. All you have to do is pay for the shipping fee and provide the company with your contact information in order to receive the goods. Then, they begin emailing you and building a repertoire with you, offering you even more deals that become hard to refuse.

Sales Funnel Infographic

What Exactly is Legion Beats?

Now that you know the history behind Gabe Schillinger and understand what producer click funnels are, let’s discuss what Legion Beats actually is and if it’s a legit investment for you or not. 

Legion Beats at its core is a website for artists to sell or purchase beats and instrumentals. However, as we have previously explained with the click funnel process, once you land on the website you’ll find that it offers much more than just an online beat marketplace. 

On the platform, musicians are able to purchase beats, instrumentals, mixing and mastering services, hooks, promotion packages, and more. Though what draws people into the actual website initially is it’s extremely attractive ‘VIP List’ offer of 5 free beats — all you have to do is sign up and provide your name, number, and email address.

What artist doesn’t want 5 free beats?! But wait… surely there is some sort of catch, right? Well, actually there isn’t. This is just where brilliant marketing skills begin to pay off. By offering this amazing deal, he’s strategically building trust and relationships with the consumers that leverages future sales. 

Once artists receive their free beats that are truly high quality and royalty free, they realize that the company is legit and they begin to develop an appreciation and admiration for the brand. This then increases the chances of them actually purchasing something of value from the site in the future. 

You may be wondering how an online beat marketplace sustains when they give their beats away for free? Well, they didn't pigeon-hole themselves into just that. Legion Beats offers many different commodities and useful tools for musicians and has become extremely successful in the industry by doing so. 

The first 5 beats for free is what attracts people in and then the other features and services they provide is what retains their customers. Some of the Legion Beats features include:  

  • Beat Marketplace 

  • Mixing & Mastering Services

  • Custom Beats and Hooks

  • Artist Promotion

  • Midi Money Podcasts  

  • Informational Blogs

  • Contests 

  • Mentoring & Training Videos 

  • Beat Club / Inner Circle Membership

The best part of Legion Beats is that they provide artists with a complete guide on how the company and brand became so successful, so that musicians can mimic the process and develop a successful brand for themselves. The training and knowledge they provide explains the new model of selling beats, how to use click funnels, and the marketing strategies to use so you can actually get your beats sold without spending thousands of dollars on ads. 

Legion Beats CEO, Gabe Schillinger understands what it's like to be a struggling musician, because he was one in the beginning of his career. Now after becoming extremely successful, he chooses to dedicated his efforts and company mission to helping others find their own success in the music industry.

Is Legion Beats Legit?

People on the internet often ask if Legion Beats is legit or not? The question likely comes from the huge value that the website provides to artists at little to no cost, creating the question if it is too good to be true.

However, Gabe has decided that the next career stage for him is going to be about passing on his knowledge to others. To do this he joined forces with fellow music producer Anno Domini to co-found the Midi Money podcast. The podcast is dedicated to helping struggling music producers understand and implement marketing tactics that will help advance their music careers.

While growing his business, Gabe experienced personal growth and learned valuable lessons that he chooses to share with the world. One thing that is certain about the music industry is that joining forces with another person or utilizing the professional knowledge of others can greatly benefit our careers. Everyone brings different perspectives to the table and discussing unique ideas helps drive our individual creativity.

So to answer the question, Legion Beats is very much legit. Not only is it legit, but it’s a fantastic tool-book for musicians to use if they are looking to have a lucrative and sustainable career in the music industry. With that being said, Legion Beat’s services aren’t for everyone. The platform is geared more towards music producers and training them on how to sell beats successfully — so if you aren’t someone who makes your own music, you may not find much benefit from Legion Beats or the Midi Money podcast. 

Also, the website is transparent by explaining that results are not guaranteed. Not everyone can create a profitable business through selling beats. Each person is responsible for their own effort and hard work they choose to put into their careers. Success does not come easy or overnight, especially in the music industry. 

Although, it is certainly doable and the knowledge is out there for those who are serious and dedicated to making a career out of music. Companies like Legion Beats and Omari MC have become extremely successful through years of hard work, risk-taking, innovation, brand development, and an overall passion for music and helping others succeed. Both companies choose to share their secrets to success with emerging artists and musicians so that they can do the same for their own business and careers. 

If you are serious about becoming a professional musician, you’ll find that investing in knowledge can prove to be the most important factor to victory. Which is exactly what both Legion Beats and Omari MC set out to provide.

Wrapping Up

Legion Beats is far more than a platform to buy and sell beats. It is a sound business plan and carefully constructed marketing tool that has been formulated by people with a strong understanding of the music industry and its needs. 

Especially for newcomers, selling beats and finding success in music can be extremely difficult. Gabe Schillinger experienced this first hand from his own personal struggles. Now thanks to brilliant marketing strategies and the use of click funnels, Gabe is a Grammy award winning producer that makes 6-figures selling beats online.

If you take advantage of the click funnel benefits like Gabe did, it will certainly grow your business and enable you to have a successful future. If you are serious about making it as a music producer, we definitely recommend the services that Legion Beats provides.

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