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Mixed in Key: An Honest Review

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Written by Ramsey Brown. 

If you are a musician who composes your own music, or a DJ who is passionate about mixing, then you probably own some sort of music software or equipment to make the creative process easier and more effective. The art of producing music or DJing isn’t just something that one can learn overnight - it’s truly a complex trait that takes many years to master with a lot of practice and dedication to skill.

Luckily, we are fully immersed in the revolution of the digital era and life as we know it has dramatically become easier due to technology. Music composition software has surpassed its previously outdated and limited ways with new and sophisticated systems. Musicians are now able to mix songs and harmonize with much less effort than ever before.

Mixed in Key is one software in particular that has eliminated previous limitations and opened up new doors for musicians to better hone in on their craft by perfectly calibrating the tonality of all tracks and analyzing the tempo and harmony to the millimeter. This tool is a blessing for new and emerging artists who are looking to succeed in such a highly competitive industry.

The main priority of this software is to improve the quality of track editing with the intentions of guiding and inspiring musicians. If you are just now finding out about this sonic discovery, keep reading to learn about the main features, advantages, and reasons why it is a good addition to your regular music production practices.

What is Mixed in Key?

So what exactly is Mixed in Key and what is all of the hype surrounding it about? Well, Mixed in Key (also referred to as MIK) is an advanced computer software that the best producers and DJs in the music industry trust and use to simplify the task of harmonic mixing.

This editing program is available for both Mac and Windows users and through this powerful tool you can analyze your entire music library at a glance, whether it be MP3 or WAV files, find the best cue points for your DJ set, and sort or organize your entire library of music files and samples as accurately as an Excel spreadsheet.

Key Features of Mixed in Key

We know that Mixed in Key helps make life easier for musicians, DJs and producers - but let’s discuss the main key points and features of this software and explain why it has such an advantage over more traditional mixing systems, giving users unlimited control over all the key parts of their mixes.

Built-In MetaBliss ID3 Tag Manager

One of the most outstanding features that the new version of Mixed in Key has is the automatic incorporation of ID3 MetaBliss tags, this function could be defined as a large-scale tag editor that will not only allow you to clean up all your local playlists, but also organize all of your folders and files. With this function, you can easily edit track names, artist names, and remove unnecessary information that usually sneaks into the track comments, so only the most important information is displayed on your computer or laptop.

It is a function very similar to the one offered by iTunes with which we can have a polished and tidy music library in just a few minutes. Do you want to have a music library worthy of admiration? Do not hesitate to test this super function of Mixed in Key and you will get it without any effort!

Adding Tracks

With Mixed in Key you will also have the option to import your tracks from other music mixing software and let the program analyze them and ask it what to do with all the information. After a few minutes the program will accurately provide you with the most important data about each track like the key, energy and cue.

Moreover, all this analysis information will not be deleted when you close the session, but will be automatically saved and will continue to be there for you to continue working with those tracks and that particular data whenever you want.

Reference Point/Reference Curve Detector Algorithm

This is perhaps the most important feature of the whole program and the one that makes it stand out from the main music mixing composers: the incorporation of an automatic algorithm that detects and places the main reference points in the mixes. This feature was already incorporated in some of its versions released in 2015, however it has not been until the latest versions of the program that this feature has managed to shine and deliver what it promises with amazing accuracy.

The enhancement will allow you to place the perfect cue points through a sophisticated peak system that will accurately analyze the harmony of your compositions. Through this system the software will detect the highest pitch peak and quickly predict where the reference cue should be placed. Amazing, isn't it?

X-Ray Waveform

This feature is directly related to the one we have explained in the previous point, since Mixed in Key is one of the first music editing software to incorporate a sophisticated waveform system over the entire track that will allow us to differentiate melodies from rhythms. This system works like a big X-ray panel through which we can easily detect where we should leave the reference points or modify them. It is really useful and accurate!

Grand Piano Verification (optional)

This function is only available with the latest version of Mixed in Key and the user can decide whether or not to incorporate it into the program when installing it. This feature is really useful for composers who always need to have a clearer sound reference while composing, as it allows you to hear your melodies through a grand Piano sound. 

Of course the final result will be very different from the sound of a single piano, but there is almost no equivalent sound to that of a beautiful melody played by a piano.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to take your computer music mixing and composing experience to the next level, then you need to start taking advantage of the Mixed in Key program. It truly offers everything it claims to plus more, and any DJ, composer, or producer can benefit from it to enhance their craft and creativity. 

There is truly no price tag when it comes to investing in your future and career. Mixed in Key has been highly recommended by some of the most successful and famous musicians in the world, which is why we highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about launching their music career.

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