Music And The Brain: Top 10 Ways To Make Your Listeners Love Your Music

Music And The Brain: Top 10 Ways To Make Your Listeners Love Your Music

Written by Jaron Lewis

There has been a lot of research about how music affects learning, which is why there are so many people that are advocating for more music education in the schools. The fact is there is a lot of science about how listening to music affects the brain as there has been a lot of music and the brain research done. It can be very valuable to an artist to know how music affects the brain psychology so you can make better songs that people will love.

1. Display Your Passion

When you are showing your passion through your music, you are creating a song that people are going to love to listen to because they can sense this passion. This will inspire them to learn more about the song and you, which can help create a life-long fan.

2. Write Your Experiences

Music can also be therapeutic for you. You can write your lyrics about things that you have experienced in your life, which will not just make you feel better but it will also make your listeners feel better. People may find comfort in knowing that there are other people that know what they are going through, making your song a hit.

3. The Addictive Hook

Your hook will, in most cases, be what most people remember about your song. This is what they will sing the loudest and will likely be something they sing to themselves even if your song isn’t on. The addictive hook creates the earworms.

4. Structural Stability

There are some technical aspects to a song that has been proven to get more listeners. This is one of them. Structural stability is where you move to and from the tonal center of the song.

5. Acoustic Factors

Things like the loudness of your song, as well as the consonance and dissonance of the song will also help to stimulate emotions and bring more listeners to your music.

6. The Emotions Of The Music

Let’s face it: a lot of people listen to music so it can help with their mood or because it matches their mood. If you write a sad song about a breakup, people will likely listen to it a lot when they are going through the same thing.

7. The Rhythm

You know when you hear the rhythm of the song that you want to dance or be mellow. Your rhythm could easily be one of the most important parts of the song because it has the power to draw the audience in.

8. Be Inspirational

You want to have a song that inspires people in some way. Maybe it’s an anthem for women that inspire strength or empowers people to get involved in their community.

9. Trigger Something

A good song will trigger an emotion within. If you are able to do this with your music, you will get a lot of people interested in your music.

10. The Beat

Ever wonder why some people prefer some songs for running over other? The person may not know this but different songs have a different beat per minute. Songs with a higher BPM are going to be the best choices for working out. This is another thing to consider.



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