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Music Gateway Review: Bad Or Legit Service?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

If you're a struggling musician looking for their big break, you might have come across many marketing and promotion companies out there that lure you into spending money on their services to get fame and success, only to get scammed instead. 

Because of this reason, many aspiring singers or musicians simply lose hope in fulfilling their dreams. However, there are a few trustworthy and legit service providers online in the music industry today, and Music Gateway claims to be the best of them.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what Music Gateway is, how it works, what they offer musicians, all of their features, the pros and cons of subscribing to them, and whether their membership is worth the money or not. If you’re interested in using Music Gateway’s services, but want more information about the company from a reliable source before committing, then you’ve come to the right page.

What is Music Gateway?

Music Gateway is an all-in-one music service platform that provides various tools and products for musicians and struggling artists. They're most popular for their music promotion, artist development, and licensing services, but offer much more than just that.  

Music Gateway is recognized as one of the biggest music service companies around the world. They help support up-and-coming musicians by providing music business job opportunities and a space to find and collaborate with other artists in the industry. 

By offering so many different services, it can be confusing to grasp what all Music Gateway actually does for artists. We’re going to break down the main amenities they provide, so you can decipher if they will benefit your music career or not.

Music Gateway Services

With the company motto as ‘Empowering Creatives’, Music Gateway truly does just that. They provide creatives with many different outlets and tools to build their music careers and enhance their skill sets. From collaboration services, to music promotion, sync licensing, and many other assets, they tailor to every user's specific and individual needs.

If you're curious about what offers you can get from Music Gateway, here is a list of some of their promotional and developmental music services that come with their paid memberships.

Music Collaboration

When it comes to producing music, it’s not always something that can be done alone. Most beginner artists are good at either music or vocals. Only a select few artists can work on all the production, music, vocals, post-production, and other song elements solely by themselves. Collaboration is essential for musicians in order to produce quality work and capitalize on their skill set.

That's where Music Gateway comes in. With their worldwide music collaboration marketplace, you can share your music with other talented artists and get in touch with each other to work on a future project together, creating incredible music production opportunities between talented artists across the world.

Promotion and Development Services

Music Gateway is one of the best-known service providers of music promotion on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Apple Music, among many others. They're also incredibly popular and well-known for music distribution, and their prices are excellent.

This feature might be new for you, but when it comes to getting necessary recognition for you as an artist, Music Gateway's artist development program is pretty great. From providing success routes, consultation, techniques, tools to getting you in touch with musicians, record labels, talented artists, and established industry stars.

Sync Licensing

Sync Licensing is the copyrighted use of your music and beats along with pictures in motion. These pictures in motion can be AAA video game titles, Netflix series, big-budget movies, and TV dramas. You need your music to be licensed, and copyright protected so any illegal usage can be protected.

Music Gateway offers high-quality sync licensing to original music produced by professional and amateur artists worldwide. This helps struggling artists get recognized for their amazing music and get the revenue and royalties they earn from the use of their music.

Music Guide Blog

Another feature that many music organizations and marketing websites miss out on is providing their customers and beginner artists with guides and information about music marketing, promotion, artist development, and so on. It’s important for musicians to have access to articles and information about the services and offers they are purchasing; Music Gateway provides just that. 

Music Gateway has its own viral and well-known blog, allowing users to easily search any topic they are wanting information on. They publish incredible articles and guides on how their services work and how artists can use their tools and services to capitalize on their skills and become more successful in the music industry.

Music Cloud & Storage Tool

Music Gateway might seem like a music promotion and artist development company at first, but once you really get to explore their website, you'll be surprised by how varying their offers and products are. In addition to their awesome promotion and development service, they also provide high-quality storage, large-file transfers, and catalogue management for users.

You can save your musical projects, songs, files, and folders on the Music Gateway cloud and playlist tool. This allows artists to easily organize their music through an extremely safe database. Creatives can utilize this to send music professionally to record labels, clients, producers, and potential collaborators with just one click. In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the best features Music Gateway has to offer.

Music Job Opportunities

Unfortunately if you’re not a big name artist in the industry, music typically isn't a job that pays very well. That's why many musicians feel disappointed when they're not able to convert their love for music into a full-time paying career that is sustainable. 

Music Gateway understands this struggle. That's why they help struggling creatives find many great music-related jobs and opportunities within the industry. They want to ensure you make a significant amount of money so you can continue with your passion and keep working hard to make a name for yourself. As an artist, it’s often necessary to have an ancillary revenue stream so you can focus on what you do best, making music.

Music Gateway Pricing

Music Gateway is a paid website. They do offer a free trial, but that is limited to 14 days only. After the free trial is over, you have the option to choose one of their 3 subscription types if you want to continue with them. All their services are included in the single subscription other than artist consultation and promotion services. Let's take a look at Music Gateway's pricing.

Adventurer Subscription

The adventurer subscription is the beginner package for Music Gateway. The free trial allows you to take advantage of this package before committing to pay the price of $7.50 per month.

This subscription comes with 500MBs of storage and playlist curation, licensing, file sharing, collaboration, limited submissions, and limited sync representation. This Subscription allows you to get artist consultation, but without any promotions and discounts, so it's the bare-bone subscription package by Music Gateway.

Influencer Subscription

The most popular and best value subscription is the Influencer Subscription of Music Gateway. This is their middle tier subscription package and cost only $22 per month.

This package offers everything you get in the Adventurers package plus additional and better features. The Influencer Package will get you 15 GB of storage, unlimited submissions and sync licensing, 10% discounts on promotion and consultancy, and limited account management consultation.

Game Changer Subscription

The biggest subscription package by Music Gateway is the Game Changer Subscription package. It comes for a reasonable price of $37, which is a killer deal when you hear about all of the features.

It comes with a whopping storage of 100GB along with all the benefits of the Influencer package, unlimited song feedback, priority submissions, sync licensing, a 20% discount on promotion and development consultation, and dedicated account management, which helps you grow and succeed in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Music Gateway

Now that you know how Music Gateway works and what it has to offer, let’s take a deeper dive into the pros and cons of the service, that way you are fully informed before making any decisions about purchasing a subscription.


  • Great Prices - The prices of the subscriptions at Music gateway are pretty reasonable compared to others, especially if we take a look at the value of the features.

  • Variety of Services - From music distribution, promotion, development, to storage of song files, collaboration marketplace, sync licensing, there are many services offered by Music Gateway.

  • Easy to Use - The Interface of Music Gateway is incredibly user-friendly and has much to offer. Also, if you're having difficulty learning something, you can take a look at the guides in their blog.  


  • Support is a little slow - The support for Music Gateway isn't the best for queries and customer complaints, which isn't the best thing for users looking for quick solutions or answers. 

  • No Data Migration Capability - You can't migrate your song data from other cloud storage spaces, which can be detrimental if you already have a lot of data in a paid storage space.

Wrapping Up

Finally, the million-dollar question, is Music Gateway worth the investment and the price? I confidently would say yes. There's so many different features you can get from a single subscription, many which you won’t find all together on any other platforms. From song distribution, to informative blogs, and storage services, this website essentially offers anything a musician would be looking for professionally. Especially at the price points they offer, Music Gateway is the perfect platform for any artist looking to take his or her career to the next level.

Music Gateway will be a great for your artist development and learning how to make an impact in the industry. There is so much to benefit from using the platform and it has helped so many others across the world find success in the music industry. Hopefully this article helps you make the right decision on whether or not you should use Music Gateway in the future. If you choose to purchase one of their subscriptions, I feel certain you are going to have an amazing experience. Good luck and I wish you much success in your music career! 

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    6 replies to "Music Gateway Review: Bad Or Legit Service?"

    • James Stretten

      I recently had a conversation with a seasoned industry professional songwriter who has had many big name covers. He actually said the immortal words, “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know”. He advised me to to schmooze important music supervisors etc at networking events. He said it’s almost always a waste of time submitting stuff on platforms because people like to work with people they know – that’s it!

    • R

      Never ever pay a company to promote your music. There is no guarantee that your songs will be aired.
      No guarantee.
      There is no short cut to the music business.
      Very hard work and perseverance.

    • Amber Otto

      They only want you to use their services including professional recording and mastering services. Which if you decide to do on your own they will almost always reject it because your recordings weren’t done using their services. I would say very little opportunity to get your music synced or even considered for a licensing opportunity. I had 3 songs I independently recorded accepted through the sync portal but one in which they kept rejecting after making my own improvements. Out of frustration I told them that the 3 oevious songs I recorded were recorded with the same equipment as the one they kept rejecting. After notifying them of this they then decided to take the other 3 songs down off of the sync portal after they has been up there a year. Their ONLY solution was to record and master with THEIR professionals and sit through sync sessions. All of which would Come out of your own pocket as well. Then on top of that they don’t guarantee you’ll even get a licensing opportunity after using their professionals to mix and master your music. Just one big money scam if you ask me.


      Music Gateway is described by its own staff as a scam onGlassdoor. It’s just gonna burn your money.

    • Jorge

      Stay away! I’ve been with them for many years and got cheated out of a year renewal. Look up recent reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

    • Anika Tenpas

      Check out this cool cool video about a space cowboy with the spaghetti western feeling. Use headphones! Share if you like!

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