Music Industry Studies: Why You Don’t Need A Degree For Success

Music Industry Studies: Why You Don’t Need A Degree For Success

Written by Jaron Lewis

The music industry is a popular one that everyone seems to get into. People do not want to get a degree if they do not have to, especially since getting an education can be so expensive these days. Do you need a music degree to be successful in the music industry?

There is no easy answer for this. At best, the only answer that you can really get for this is “well, it depends”. The reality is that while having a degree can be helpful, it will not make or break your chances of success in the industry. Music industry studies will only get you so far.

Success Stories

Adele & Will.I.Am are two names that you are very familiar with. You may think that these are just similar because they are incredibly successful musicians and entrepreneurs but they have a lot of things in common. This includes the fact that neither of them have a college degree. These are two people that had a dream for what they wanted in their lives and took measures into their own hands to make their dreams come true. They started down their own paths, starting small until they rose up the ranks and became the very rich and international successes that they are today. These are only a few names in this industry that have found a great deal of success without getting a degree. They did not see the need to finish music colleges to get their success.

This is a highly competitive industry but no part of it really requires a degree. Music is all about a love and passion for the art.

Raw Talent

There are a lot of people who have taught themselves a specific craft in this industry that have found their place in a music career. The reason for this is because when it comes to the arts, you can learn everything about the craft but without any raw talent you are not going to get anywhere in this industry. You can teach theories but you cannot teach talent. You can just hone your skills on your own, growing as an artist or anything else that you want to do in this industry.

Keep Up On Tech

The industry is always changing so you really need to keep up with these changes if you are going to find any sort of success in this industry. Even in some of the most technologically advanced careers, you may be able to get into it if you have enough knowledge and passion. This may involve starting off at the bottom of the career ladder and working your way up.

Getting The Job

When getting music studies jobs, passion and talent are going to get you much further than you would get with just a degree. You cannot teach inherent things like passion and talent, which is why these are held in much higher regard than going through a school system. You do have to remember that there are a lot of people vying for the same careers in this industry, so it is important to find ways to stand out among the competition so that you can land the job of your dreams.



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