Music Internships: How To Get Your Dream Job (And Keep It)

Music Internships: How To Get Your Dream Job (And Keep It)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Getting into the music industry is hard. But the place to start is easy, or at least easy to know, internships. Getting into an internship can potentially lead to a long term position exactly where you want to be, with the label that you wanted to represent. It’s a level that many music industry professionals start at, and where they get their most varied experience.

What Is An Internship In The Music Industry

Generally, as stated above a music business internship will lead to a permanent position within the company. During the stay as an intern one will learn an enormous amount of information; because they are doing the same jobs as the professionals, but it’s considered entry level either for minimal pay or even no pay at all.

Many times there are music internships for college students that can be used as college credit. It’s something that when seniors are in their last year of their studies or even when they are juniors as well.

Many will opt for college credit depending on how many hours they are interning etc. Regardless it’s still experience, which means a way into the business.

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Getting The Internship

First you have to get the internship. This means work. Getting an internship in the music industry is a competitive practice. Some places only require a high school diploma.

Of course having knowledge of the music industry or of a recording label beforehand will make for a better resume and interview, but it’s not guaranteed. Be ready for failure but never stop and never give up. That is the key to getting it. Not giving up.

Keeping The Internship

Make sure that you are in the area that you enjoy when you are applying for the internship and ask questions at the interview. If you ask questions you are showing the employer that you are interested in the position, in the company. If you don’t ask questions you might be seen as boring or that you aren’t really that interested.

Talk to other students as well as to the best places to have an internship that offers you the most real world experiences. You don’t want to be the delivery service all day (although this will most likely also be part of the task) but other students are by far the best way to find out the best places to be.

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Proving Yourself

Research the company you want to work at and show them the knowledge that you have. Checkout some other tips from our other article ‘How To Work With The Best Music Production Companies’ Maybe try to get in beforehand and learn who the influential and important people are in the company.

Also, if you know anyone within the company or through friends and family, see if they can put in a good word for you. Email them and ask. What’s the worst they can say? Then if you get the internship, ensure that you get them as many coffees as they want.

How To Get The Dream Job

Let’s say you start in a record label internship for example, and you love the company. How do you finish your internship off strong and get offered a position? You do what many think is common sense, you work hard.

Act throughout the internship as though this is your career, do the job with passion, show up on time, and don’t leave early, be committed, and show them what you have and your potential for the future. If you truly believe in yourself and give the internship your all, regardless as to if there is pay or not, you have the ability to get the dream job that you want.



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