Music Production Services: 10 Best Online Music Producers For Hire

Music Production Services: 10 Best Online Music Producers For Hire

Written by Cameron Mayo

As a musician, you want the best chance you can get of making it in the industry. Something, or rather someone, you need to help you along the way is a music producer. There are quite a few music production companies out there to choose from, but you need to be careful and do your research before settling on one option.

Making sure your genre matches the style of the producer/production company is typically the first step. Next, consider their pricing to ensure that they are in your budget. However, a good producer is well worth the investment.

Here is a look at some companies to consider for music production services or places to find help.

Omari has been making beats for over a decade. He has a huge variety of sounds and big library of available tracks. He is a versatile producer and has beats for any lyrics or styles. From upbeat chart-toppers to lo-fi jams, Omari can do it all. On top of that, buying a beat from Omari gets you free some promotion on his SoundCloud channel with more than 40k followers.

Dew Music offers their services through Fiverr. With an extensive offering of genres, Dew Music will be able to produce a great sound for just about any song you want to make. Choosing a producer with experience in such a range of genres will help you get a unique, but on-trend sound.

With three different production packages, you will find something that will match your budget and vision.

DreTracks is another high-quality produce found of Fiverr. Among the endless options and levels of service on this huge network of freelancers, DreTracks stands out. He will work closely with you to produce the best sound for your song.

As is common on Fiverr, he offers a three different levels of service, all of which include exclusive beats.

A great budget-friendly option is finding a producer on Fiverr. BearTrap offers a wide range of styles such as Trap, Dubstep, Hip Hop, and Pop. With three very reasonably priced packages, he offers quick, reliable service. Generally, Fiverr is a good place to search because it has such a huge network of established freelancers.

This is a website where you find various freelance music producers who will work with you to create a professional track. When you order, provide as much detail as you can about your vision for your song. With that information, they will work hard to produce a track that fits what you are looking for.

Getting production help from award-winning producers can make a huge difference in your music. A number of the most well-known producers offer their work as freelancers. That is what you get here.

Catering to an independent market, they will work with your budget and provide professional quality production services.

Music Production Services: 10 Best Online Music Producers For Hire

You can find a bunch of producers across different genres that have the skill and experience to create amazing demos. Like these other one-stop websites, you can see reviews on every producer to ensure you are hiring a great one for your music.

This company, founded by Trystan Matthews, has worked with Grammy Award winning musicians. Their team of professionals has a lot of experience in the industry and will give your music the polished sound you are looking for.

Music Production Services: 10 Best Online Music Producers For Hire

Finding good music producers on a budget can be challenging. Custom Anthems are a great option for anyone one trying to stretch a dollar. They offer a wide variety of music production services that will get you some professional sounding music and head your career in the right direction.

This company sets you up with producers and other musicians to help create the best music you can. Their goal is to make “commercially viable” music and they do a great job at it. There are plenty of professionals in their network that have a great deal of experience in the industry who will certainly help you create some high-quality music.

They also offer easy access to reviews of their services if you have any doubts.

After you've got a finished song and are ready for the world to hear it, you've got to promote! Omari MC has great promotion packages on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube that can boost your fanbase no matter where you are in your career.




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