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8 Music Side Hustles To (Actually) Make Good Money

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

If you are a musician, side hustles are important in order to earn extra money to fund major projects, tours, or marketing initiatives. There are numerous music side hustles for when you need to find extra income. The reality is that musicians don't work all the time, and many people in the music industry have regular 9-5 work to fit with their music. Today we will take a look at 8 music side hustles that just might work for you and save you the 9-5 slog.

1. Blog Writer

Many businesses and companies need weekly blog article writers. If you are good at putting words together, this coupled with an understanding of music may be enough to bring you a second income. So target some people in your industry and offer to write for them regularly, some will jump at this opportunity and will take up your offer.

When you write a blog for someone else you really have to thoroughly understand what they are doing. So quite a lot of work goes into researching them and getting the groundwork right in the beginning. You may even find blogs that require music to be put up as a background, as some bloggers are trying this idea.

2. Music Classes and Workshops

If you sing or are in a band, you may want to offer lessons or workshops to others in order to get some extra cash. Another option is to even offer group lessons in a class. If you play the guitar you can definitely offer lessons to others. The piano is another area to consider teaching in, as most parents want their child to learn to play piano or musical instrument.

If you put yourself forward to work with kids, you will require a police clearance. You may choose to run some online music training on Skype or Zoom, if you do this you can break your classes into 6-10 sections and charge as a whole for each one.

Teaching a structured course for a fee is another way to approach your music. Adult education and other entities run various courses from music appreciation to songwriting, and if you keep a high profile, you may be called upon to conduct a series of classes. If you are offered this opportunity it’s highly recommended you take it, as it will raise your profile and people will remember you.

3. Social Media Consultant/Manager

This is one of the music side hustles to try when you are still in high school or college. Some young entrepreneurs have made a steady income from offering services to older people managing their social media accounts. If you understand Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, you can charge your clients a weekly amount to grow their following and increase their client base. 

Social media exposure is extremely useful in building business contacts. While you are doing this you can increase your own following at the same time through Omari MC’s Facebook Ads Management. This can help you increase your own social media followers and knowledge.

The going rate for basic management of each client's social media account starts at about $50 per week. However, as the workload increases so does the cost, and you really only need about 10 clients to make it one of the good music side hustles.

4. Podcasting and YouTube

Opportunities for podcasts are endless. There are plenty of music-based podcasts for you to have a look at. In fact, if you have some ideas for your own episodes this is one of the good music side hustles to embrace. You will be able to connect with other musicians and extend your reach into other areas that will benefit you in the future. If you decide to do a series of podcasts on music subjects you may be able to get a sponsor. 

Call the local radio station in your area, a community radio station is the best option, and try to drum up some interest in your podcasts. The local radio is usually funded for local content, so this is one of your chances to become noticed locally, and you should take it as one of the good music side hustles. 

Using YouTube will expand your brand, try to put out one video a week, diversify a bit to keep the viewers engaged. Continue to deliver content that will interest your followers and create good music side hustles for your future songwriting.

5. Songwriter

If you are good at writing songs or putting together composing arrangements, you may be able to create some original music for other creatives. Even creating original songs for a YouTube video could be a viable source of income, you could try creating a series of short YouTube clips as an educational promotion to your clients who may want to purchase them. 

YouTube is really useful in educating people, and if you want to show them how to do something, like a certain guitar riff, this can be helpful to the client, as it is something they can watch over and over again. If you can read music this is a talent that you should be using, as writing the songs and putting the music onto sheets is not something that everyone can do. 

If you do write a song that you feel is going to be good, it is important to copyright it, so that you get the royalties, and this is where Omari MC can help you to promote your music.

6. Wedding Singer, Band, or DJ

Every week many people get married, and as most people know weddings are very expensive and very lucrative for those who work them. Wedding bands can make anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. Wedding singers can make anywhere from $300-$450 per gig. DJ’s can make anywhere from $300 to $10,000. Not only are weddings great to play for making money, but they are extremely fun to work as well. 

If this is something that interests you, you’ll want to make business cards and start marketing and promoting yourself as a business. Word of mouth is also one of the best forms of advertising. Getting gigs will be hard when you are just starting out, but if you are a good band you will find that gigs will start rolling in quickly. 

You will most likely be playing cover songs and the wedding planners or bride and groom will often give you a set list of songs they want you to play. You will also need to dress the part, so be prepared to purchase a tuxedo or some nice dressy clothes to wear when you are playing the wedding.

7. Video Editing

If you have the right software available to you, you could have an aptitude for editing. You may have done it in your own studio, adding some background music and creating themes to fit the mood of a music video. You could edit videos for other musicians, businesses, weddings, or anyone wanting a personal video.  

Once you are proficient in editing you will be able to use your talent in many ways. Record festivals and concerts for other companies, then edit them, and if you do this well you will command a high fee for your work. It is great when your music side hustles fit with your music career, as you won't feel as though you are working while pursuing your passion for music.

8. Voice Over Work

If you have a good singing voice, try some voice-over work. This is great as voice-over work is highly paid. While you practice from home this could be the ideal in music side hustles. Once you become proficient, if you have a sound studio in the garage, most of your work can be done from home. In other cases, you could be called in by a TV station to do Promos for shows like 'The Masked Singer', and other regular reality TV shows. 

If you can break into this area of work, it is really well paid, and you would get more regular work to fit with your career as a musician. To help with your voice-over work initially it may be worth taking a few lessons on the subject of voice projection and techniques where you can work with a professional voice coach to get started on the work.

Wrapping Up

There are now so many music side hustles where you can actually make money, and it will probably be trial and error to find the right one for you. If you are going through a period when there is not much work like during lockdown, think ahead and try creating some marketing merchandise for when things pick up again.

Try some different design T-shirts and caps, most of this can be outsourced for other people to do. Once you are really busy again you will be able to offload your merchandise on your next tour. Whatever you decide for your side hustle, you can make money, it is just a matter of thinking laterally.

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    • Bibi Farber

      The best musical side hustle I ever found was playing music in nursing homes. This is especially relevant to acoustic guitar playing younger boomers, but also anyone playing along with or singing to tracks. It can result in steady yet always flexible / freelance daytime work, and a really enjoyable exploration of material. I started a blog about how to get into nursing home work. It’s a community effort. This blog is about sharing resources, connections and inside info. It’s “The Merriment Experiment” Join us at

    • Prince Darko

      Check out this nicely done music video about a story of love and revenge with the western feeling. It sounds better with headphones! Share if you lik

    • Vaughan

      Hi guys you have some useful advice in your posts etc…and it seems to me you have a company that likes to be taken seriously and prides itself on detail etc…l have been reading a cross section of your posts and l feel the need to let you know you have a fair few typo errors..which l feel reflects back on the detail for looking 100% professional as a business? This is said in the best way possible…thankyou for your posts…kindest regards Vaughan

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