Need Film Or Movie Music? Find Your Perfect Score Here

Need Film Or Movie Music? Find Your Perfect Score Here

Written by Jaron Lewis

So you are creating a short independent film and you need someone to create the mood and the ambiance, the setting in the sounds. Having the right music can make your film or break it.

It should be something that crescendos at the right time and provides softness and romance at other. Horror movies are always better with the right music and slightly off chords.  So how do you find someone?


Well you can always hire a freelancer by going to Upwork or posting on job boards such as indeed with a title such as film composer needed, or music needed for film, or more specific to composer wanted for short independent film, but those aren’t the only ways that you can go about it.

You of course want someone who knows the business potentially, especially if you are hiring someone new. With pre-existing music you are going to need to know copyright and licensing, have contacts and money as well. Neither is really the cheapest option but it depends on what you are looking for.

Perfect Musician For You

When looking for someone, know what kind of music exactly you are looking for and be open to the not so obvious as well. The music industry is full of talented musicians who would be honored to take their craft to the big screen.

Take the music that you like first and play it with the film, see if it works. If not try something else. Once you have a basis for what works well, then you can find a composer to work with that.

Know your budget. Have money set aside at the beginning for a composer or whomever you are working with for the music. With this being one of the 7 best ways people make money off music you can’t just think of them as a last minute thing and pay them next to nothing.

They are working hard just as the actors are for the part so ensuring that they are getting a fair share, and are actually getting paid, is important as well.

Where To Find Quality Composers

When you do figure out what you are looking for, it would be in your best interest to check out some film schools or music schools in your area. Take NYC for example, you have some of the best students in some of the best schools such as Julliard, the Manhattan School of Music, etc.

Take flyers and post them around campus and on their announcement boards to gather interest, and if they are interested let them see your film. Then chat, see if you work well together and take it from there. Hopefully your search will provide fruitful and the film score will be the butter to the bread of the film.



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