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Promolta Vs. Sprizzy Vs. Flintzy: An Honest & Complete Review

*This article may contain links to affiliate products & services. We have reviewed these services to try and ensure the highest quality recommendations*

Written by Ramsey Brown.

Video blogging, or vlogging, is one of the most common ways to earn money online since Adam Kontras uploaded the first vlog ever reported in January 2000 of him sneaking his cat into an apartment building. Little did he know, this 15-second clip would be so ground breaking in the future of internet videos. 

Now 21 years later, vlogging has evolved from short clips of cats to full documentation of people’s everyday lives, and more. It’s amazing to think how one person can affect billions of people and influence a new source of entertainment that has become a main revenue stream for many. 

With this being said, vlogging isn’t as easy as taking a video of yourself and uploading it to the internet. Popular accounts often find their fame with the help of websites to boost their content and viewers. To become successful at the art of posting internet videos, it’s likely that you’ll need the assistance of a third party company. 

More times than not, beginner vloggers, musicians, and businesses seek out video promotion services in order to get the number of viewers and subscribers they desire. These companies help boost the videos visibility and deliver brand recognition to their customers. This is where sites like Promolta, Sprizzy, & Flintzy come in to play.

We’re going to take a look at these three different video promotion platforms and discuss what their features are, how they work, and if they are legitimate companies or not. If you are looking to take your videos to the next level and increase your viewers, make sure you read this review until the end.


Promolta is an advertising platform that aims to promote your videos or music through different websites, mobile apps, blogs and social networking sites. 

The platform is used mainly by content creators who want to reach a large number of viewers. The main goal for most users is to attract more viewers in order to gain more subscribers, and ultimately monetize from their videos.

Promolta states that they get the right people to notice your content and buy the products you sell. These viewers are real people, and they must watch your videos for a minimum of 30 seconds to count as a view. 

If you have ever watched a YouTube video, you may have seen other videos come through as advertisements, or if you were playing an online game, a video ad has probably popped up on your screen. Though these ads may be annoying, when you think of it from a marketing perspective, it’s a great way to promote a product and boost a video’s visibility. This is exactly what Promolta does. 

How Promolta Works

Promolta uses it’s powerful network of resources to push your content through third party avenues such as video games, apps, and other online platforms. Their audience targeting feature allows you to exploit niche markets so your video or music is put in front of people who will actually enjoy your product. You are able to target certain audiences by inputting the age, gender, location, and keywords of people who you want to see your video.

What this means is that once you’ve paid for the service, all you have to do is upload your video to the website, set your target audience, and the platform handles the rest. Promolta then pushes your video out to other relevant platforms so your content will be displayed to the specific type of audience you choose. 

Promolta focuses on engagement and allows users to purchase campaigns starting at a minimum of $10. Many people have found success with using this site and its ability to increase their video viewers. However, it’s important to understand that viewers are not the same as subscribers and Promolta cannot guarantee you’ll get more likes, comments, or actual fans from using their service.

Is Promolta Legit?

There are many mixed reviews on Promolta you can find across the internet. From our research, the company seems to hold up to what it promises to do, which is increasing views on videos from real-life accounts and people. 

Many negative reviews seem to be based around people not receiving actual video likes or page subscribers, which the website clearly states they cannot guarantee. Before moving forward with Promolta or any other video promotion company, it’s imperative to ensure your video is of high quality and you have done research on your target demographic in order to receive the best results.  

Your content should be intriguing and interesting enough that when viewers see your video, they want to go a step further and subscribe to your channel. This is a necessary step in order to actually monetize from YouTube. 

Therefore, Promolta will only help boost your viewers and views, but it will not guarantee that you will gain new subscribers. It is a legitimate site, but they can only offer a specific type of visibility to their customers.


Sprizzy is a website that claims to be the original promotional platform made specifically for YouTube content creators. Similar to Promolta, they aim to promote videos and rack up creator’s viewers and account visibility. This online YouTube Growth Service is located in the USA and was founded in 2016. Since then, Sprizzy has helped promote over ten thousand channels through their service. 

Using algorithms and advanced marketing techniques, Sprizzy has been able to help musicians get discovered and turn small-time YouTube bloggers into common household names.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or brand through a video advertisement, or become a viral video blogger, Sprizzy uses YouTube’s ad platform to put your video in front of people who would potentially be interested in your content or product. 

How Sprizzy Works

Sprizzy uses Google Ads to promote your video as advertisements directly on YouTube. This is where the platform differs from Promolta, because Sprizzy only works with YouTube and no other social media outlets. 

In order to generate the best results and most relevant viewers, Sprizzy has you provide a few keywords and phrases to describe your video. Then, you’ll be asked to name YouTube channels that are similar to yours. 

By doing this, Sprizzy can understand your target demographic and place your video advertisement in front of the correct audience who will most relate to your content. The app will promote your video in three different forms of ads: 

  1. As a commercial before similar videos (AKA, ‘in-stream ad’).

  2. As a recommended video alongside similar videos.

  3. As a featured search result.

By using the keywords, phrases, and similar channels you provide to Sprizzy, they are able to ensure your video gets seen only by YouTubers who are searching for similar content to your own. 

For example, you are an up-and-coming pop artist promoting your latest video single and you’ve provided Justin Bieber as one of your similar channels/artists. When a user searches a Justin Bieber music video, your video will pop up on their screen either before the Bieber video, or it may appear on the side of the screen in the ‘recommended’ videos.

Sprizzy pricing starts at $50, which will roughly get you 2,000 views depending on your target criteria. Depending on the amount of viewers you aim to achieve, the pricing will vary from there. Also to note, if your video appears as a commercial and the viewer chooses to skip it, you will not be charged for a view. Viewers must watch your video for at least 30 seconds for it to count as a view.

Is Sprizzy Legit?

Results will always vary from person to person, but all views that you receive from Sprizzy’s services are legit and guaranteed to come from real people. They promise to never use bots or click-farms, only real organic growth and promotion. They even offer YouTube Creator Studio analytics to ensure all views are 100% verifiable and your channel will not be put at risk through illegitimate streams. 

Though the company guarantees to increase your videos views, it cannot guarantee any further interaction from the viewers. This means that the viewer chooses whether or not to click on your profile and comment, like, or subscribe, just like they would on any other YouTube video. This also means that there is a possibility you could receive negative comments or dislikes from the viewers you receive through using Sprizzy. 

Just keep in mind that any type of feedback is valuable to you as a company, artist, or brand. It’s always encouraged to accept the feedback received and apply it to any future campaigns and videos. 


Flintzy, similar to Promolta and Sprizzy, is a video promotion platform that helps creators increase viewers by putting their content in front of a larger specific audience. The company focuses on getting customers as many viewers (with similar interests) as possible to watch your videos. 

With a team of experts and Google video Ads certified professionals, they specialize in promoting YouTube videos through their premium digital networks. Users can leverage Flintzy to promote their YouTube channel, increase their audience, and grow their business, no matter how big or small the creator is. 

Through a decade of experience and marketing knowledge, they’ve successfully helped over 50,000 YouTubers increase their visibility and get discovered. 

How Flintzy Works

Just like the other platforms mentioned above, Flintzy helps promote your YouTube videos, promising to increase your viewers in hopes to become viral. Once you start a campaign, your video will be pushed through their premium digital networks and powerful distribution channels of blogs, games, apps, and social media outlets.  

The company's main goal is to create a campaign that will increase viewership by displaying your video to the best audience possible. In order to get started with Flintzy, you will need to follow these steps: 

  1. Sign in or create an account

  2. Select the video you want to promote

  3. Choose your target audience or demographic you want to reach

  4. Fill in the budget for your campaign

  5. Pay for the order and begin receiving views

Once your order is received, your YouTube campaign is created within 24 hours of submission. As per the website FAQ’s, it can take up to 48-72 hours to reflect updates. 

Flintzy also offers YouTube channel promotion. Unlike its competitors we discussed earlier, you have the option to promote your actual channel through their monthly subscription program, rather than just promoting your videos. 

With their channel promotion, it allows users to get better results than if they were to just promote a single video. Fans are linked to your page directly and able to discover more of your content, which helps you develop a deeper connection with your audience. 

Flintzy’s channel promotion is the differentiating factor between getting more subscribers on your page instead of only getting more views on your video. This leads to higher virality, stronger organic growth, larger audience retention, and maximum YouTube exposure.

For their monthly plan, $250 per month gives you around 20,000 views for 15 videos, while $500 gives 50,000 for 20 videos. If you are looking to promote single videos, pricing varies depending on the amount of views you wish to receive. For example, $50 will roughly get you 1,000 views and for $1,000 you can receive around 5,000 views.

Is Flintzy Legit?

Through our research, Flintzy seems to be a legitimate company. There are many YouTubers who have dedicated videos to praising the company's services and giving their positive accounts from working with the company. 

Unfortunately though, Flintzy does not have a Trustpilot page, which can be a deal breaker for many users who rely on Trustpilot to vet a business before spending money with them. 

On the Flintzy website, they do guarantee that your viewers and subscribers will be real life people and not from bots or fake accounts. They even go as far as mentioning to stay away from companies that promise you a fixed number of subscribers/likes/comments because this is sure-tell sign that a company is using bots to gain the numbers they are promising. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your results using Flintzy, they do mention on their website that you are eligible to receive a partial refund. This is normally a good sign when a company is confident enough in their product to offer some sort of money back if their customers are not happy with the results. 

Promolta Vs. Sprizzy Vs. Flintzy: Which one is Better?

As we’ve discussed above, each of these video promotion companies are similar but different in their own ways. So which one is better for you and your brand? Well the answer to that question is a loaded response: 

If you are looking to increase your views on a specific video, Promolta is a good option. Also, if you are on a tight budget, this is also one of the cheaper video promotion companies on the market.

Promolta will share your video across multiple platforms, and not just through YouTube ads. If you believe your target audience will be more receptive to your video if they see it displayed on an app, game, or social media platform, then Promolta is your best bet compared to the others.

Sprizzy however, may be the better option if you are seeking to target a very specific audience through YouTube only. One of the major benefits of Sprizzy versus other companies is it’s refined and advanced algorithms that allow you to put in keywords and similar artists or channels to your own. 

By using Google ads, Sprizzy is able to collect useful data and information in order to promote your video in the most effective way possible. Though Sprizzy is one of the more expensive options, it is also the most popular for obvious reasons.

Lastly, if you are someone looking to achieve more YouTube subscribers and are not necessarily concerned with gaining a specific number of views on your videos, we recommend Flintzy. 

Because Flintzy offers a channel promotion subscription, they are able to focus on getting your more actual subscribers instead of only gaining you more viewers. As mentioned before, subscribers will help you retain actual fans more so than viewers will.

Wrapping Up

Video promotion services serve a particular purpose of getting you more views on your videos. However, it’s important to understand that more views does not mean more subscribers, likes, or actual fans.

Using services like Promolta, Sprizzy, and Flintzy will help increase your chances of gaining new fans, but at the end of the day it is completely up to the viewer whether they choose to interact with your content further. 

If you are looking for guaranteed results and interaction from a promotion service, companies like us at Omari MC can help. We offer guaranteed results through marketing campaigns that are designed specifically to launch your career in the right direction. 

With our products such as YouTube Subscriber optimization, we implement tactics that will give your videos legitimate engagement, which then leads to building an organic fan following. 

If you are ready to truly optimize your YouTube subscribers, order your campaign today or contact us with any questions.

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      the choice between Promolta, Sprizzy, and Flintzy depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and specific promotional goals. Content creators should carefully evaluate each platform’s features and performance to determine which best aligns with their needs.

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