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Radio Airplay Unbiased Review: Fake Or Legit Service?

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

People nowadays think that radio airtime doesn't really constitute to the popularity of an up-and-coming musician. However, that is far from the truth. If you truly want to get recognized and make an impact in the music industry, getting your music featured on internet radio is extremely important. That's where Radio Airplay comes in.

Getting featured on the radio can be a huge struggle for up-and-coming musicians. It can be very hard to shop your song to a radio station and often a time-consuming and discouraging process for artists. In recent years, the coming of internet radio has helped alleviate the inconvenience for artists trying to get their music heard by a larger radio audience. Platforms like Radio Airplay have been a blessing for musicians because they ensure exposure and that your music will actually get played. 

We’re going to discuss what Radio Airplay is, how it works, it’s features, pros and cons, and how it can help with your music career and development.

What is Radio Airplay?

Radio Airplay is a platform for providing music enthusiasts with free internet music radio. It uses a unique algorithm to balance music and songs of talented and recognized artists and amazing music of underrated amateur musicians to offer the listeners an incredible variety of music.

It uses versatile searching techniques and tools to find what type of music you've been listening to so you can be provided with more songs of the same genre from artists who're not very popular.

By doing this, Radio Airplay helps struggling musicians get their music to a larger audience that otherwise would have never been heard or discovered elsewhere. Radio Airplay plays an important part in the discovery of new artists by putting underground or undiscovered music right in front of users who are very likely to enjoy your type of music.

Whether you're an artist who wants to get heard, or a music fan who likes finding new songs, Radio Airplay is a great platform for both.

How Radio Airplay Works?

You might be wondering, how does Radio Airplay work? How can I get my music out in the open for radio listeners to enjoy? Well, here's how Radio Airplay works and how you can use it to boost your success in the music industry through the internet radio platform: 

1. Uploading and Targeting

First and foremost, you're going to want to upload your music to the Radio Airplay database. After that, you're going to target the right audience. For this, you're going to choose the popular artists whose music is in the same genre as yours, so your songs can get featured with theirs on the radio.

2. Getting Your Music Played & Gaining Fans

Now that you have songs on Radio Airplay, it is time to gain traction and recognition in the music industry. Radio Airplay will play your music in combination with popular artist's music on radio stations. Hence, more people get the opportunity to listen to your songs and potentially become your fans.

3. Get Stats and Data Reports

First and foremost, you're going to want to upload your music to the Radio Airplay database. After that, you're going to target the right audience. For this, you're going to choose the popular artists whose music is in the same genre as yours, so your songs can get featured with theirs on the radio.

4. Earn Royalties

Not only will you be able to gain exposure and a new fan base through the internet radio play of your music, but you'll also be able to earn royalties once your music starts racking up a number of streams. This process is going to take some time, so your main focus while using Radio Airplay should be getting your music out in front of the public.

Features of Radio Airplay

Radio Airplay is one of the few internet radio platforms that offer quite a lot of exciting features. Let's take a look at all the epic features this incredible platform has to offer.

Easy To Use

Why many people prefer to use Radio Airplay over other radio platforms like Pandora and such is the website's great user-friendly interface. Whether you’re an artist or listener, Radio Airplay is quite easy to use. For artists, all you need to do is upload music, select a targeted audience, and you’re on the way to getting your music heard and building a fanbase.

Listener Targeting

The targeting algorithm of Radio Airplay is unique and very effective at the same time. If you're a musician, you can choose the genre and artist your music is similar to. You're going to be able to feature alongside their music to get exposure to millions of radio listeners worldwide to gain a following.

Analytical Data

When your songs are played on the internet radio, you're sure to get many new listeners and followers. When you begin building up fans, you can then get a better understanding on how to capitalize on what your listeners like. Radio Airplay provides you statistical analysis, charts, and data that lets you know how your music is performing, which is extremely important for your brand's growth.

PopScore Prizes

Each month Radio Airplay gives 100K bonus play credits to musicians depending upon their PopScore. The PopScore is known as the reception of your music and songs on the radio stations by fans and listeners, so the better the song does, the greater your PopScore will be. Another great thing about the PopScore metric is that Radio Airplay provides artists with high PopScores the opportunity to get label submission and sync licensing for their music.

Radio Airplay Plus Offers

With the Radio Airplay feature's help, you can choose your preferred airplay package for your music. Each of these come with different features, so let's take a look at all the packages and prices offered so you can decide which one works best for your music goals and career.

Free Package

This Radio Airplay package is completely free. It's to give you a taste of what potential Radio Airplay possesses and what you can get from them. You can get 10 monthly radio plays for your music along with one song upload option, but you're not eligible for PopScore benefits since the package costs nothing.

Intro Package

When it comes to the Intro Package, it costs a cool $10 per month. Your songs will get 200 plays, and you'll be able to upload 10 songs and 5 photos. If you want data on how your music is doing, you can get that as well with the intro package. You are also going to receive a PopScore and get prizes if your songs perform well on the platform.

Intro Package

When it comes to the Intro Package, it costs a cool $10 per month. Your songs will get 200 plays, and you'll be able to upload 10 songs and 5 photos. If you want data on how your music is doing, you can get that as well with the intro package. You are also going to receive a PopScore and get prizes if your songs perform well on the platform.

Gold Package

With the Gold Package that costs $30 per month, you'll get 600 + 100 bonus radio plays, along with 20 song uploads and 5 photo uploads. You'll get everything else that the Intro package has to offer, along with Fan Messaging tools and historical data analytics as well. It is one of the better Radio Airplay packages for musicians.

Platinum Package

The most popular package by Radio Airplay is the Platinum Package that costs $100 a month. Your music gets 2000 radio plays along with 500 bonus plays, 30 song uploads, 5 photos, all-time historical analysis data, PopScore prizes, fan messaging tools, and much more. Platinum is the best package in terms of value.

Multi-platinum Package

The biggest package by Radio Airplay goes for a whopping $250. Still, it comes with 5000 monthly radio plays, 1250 bonus plays, unlimited song uploads, 5 photo uploads, all PopScore prizes eligibility, historical data, messaging tools, and even a Concierge service which is amazing but expensive for starting musicians.

Pros and Cons of Radio Airplay

Thinking of getting a Radio Airplay subscription? Well, before you make your final decision, here are some of the major pros and cons that a Radio Airplay subscription might bring you:


  • Guaranteed Airtime - Unlike other promotional websites, when it comes to Radio Airplay, you're surely going to get airtime since it's a radio-based platform, so if the content is good, you're going to win fans.

  • Targeting - The targeting algorithm allows you to reach your targeted audience swiftly and accurately without any problems or difficulties.

  • Free Version - Unlike other promotional companies, the free version is pretty capable when it comes to Radio Airplay. It lets you promote your music on air without any fees for a starting package. 


  • Expensive Paid Version - The paid versions, especially the Multi-platinum version can be considered costly at around $250 per month for a substantial amount of radio plays.

  • Not Broadcasted to Masses - The music you promote isn't broadcasted to masses simultaneously; the periods are divided depending upon how many listeners there are.

Is Radio Airplay Worth it?

So the important question is, is Radio Airplay worth it? The answer is yes, it is! For starting musicians who need to make a name for themselves and their music, Radio Airplay will be able to provide airtime and a fan following with the help of the vastly popular internet radio platform. If you're thinking of getting a subscription, I would definitely say go for it.

Radio Airplay has so much to offer struggling and underrated musicians. Since radio plays such an important role in recognizing musicians, using Radio Airplay will be a great decision for you and your music career. I hope you make good use of this information and that you'll take the opportunity and subscribe to Radio Airplay to boost your journey to success in the music industry. 

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    7 replies to "Radio Airplay Unbiased Review: Fake Or Legit Service?"

    • Joe F.

      Up to December 2023, when Jango Radio/Radioairplay revamped their website, artists were offered good exposure of their music at a decent price. But after December 2023 things changed for the worse. I have always bought 1000 play credits a month for $30. If your songs get played a lot you get bonus points every month: in my case the average was about 350 a month – one-third of what I purchased per month, which was quite good.

      But when they revised the website they apparently altered the algorhythms, and not in the artists’ favor. In December 2023 I had 396 bonus points and had been getting on average 350/month for the last 10 months, but in January 2024 I received 222. Before December 2023 I could see that people were listening to my song almost every hour in a 24 hour period, but after the website’s revision there were 4-10 hour gaps during a 24 hour period. I contacted [email protected] complain, who do respond promptly. I sent over 40 screenshots to back up my logical argument with actual statistics and proof, but my argument was dismissed. The agent, Tara, simply assured me this was normal but provided absolutely no evidence to support her conclusion, and her logic was pathetic. SHE DID NOTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION. Frankly, she didn’t seem to give a damn.


    • Chris

      I looks like RAP hasnt done anything to improve connecting with listeners, or expanding their listener base or improving artist exposure, they have a fancy new web site offering the same old go nowhere promotions. I am always looking for a new and additional way to promote my music, sadly RAP isnt one of them.

    • Martin Packwood

      I came here by Google because I wondered if the site was still active or not. I paid $100 for airplay and my track uploads fail. I get an email everytime I try an upload saying it has failed with no reason given and a link for help that gives a 404. I have emailed support and so far no response. I am regretting spending the money, just at the moment.

    • Gradu

      Totally fake service. Just e-mail blasters that take peoples money selling fake dreams

    • Vito Amorelli

      I have been with RAP for quite some time. And I have noticed that there has never been an upgrade or improvement to this site. No new features not even a simple program change such as being able to pick multiple tunes and apply the same number of credits. RAP seems to be the only application that doesn’t improve as time goes by to better serve its clients and their ability to utilize this service. This makes me doubt the validity of this site. It appears to collect money…period..

    • Thomas

      How does differ?
      Is having both campaigns and overlap?

      Thank you

    • John Enrico Douglas

      Thanks for the helpful analysis.

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