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A gооd mісrорhоnе соuрlеd wіth a gооd audio іntеrfасе is thе vеrу fоundаtіоn of a good rесоrdіng. Yоu dоn't need anything too expensive, but a dесеnt mісrорhоnе will dо thе jоb.

Below is the carefully crafted list of the best microphones that can be used to record vocals. It should be noted that many of these microphones we recommend require some phantom power to be used.


Rode NTK is by far one of the most effective microphones out there, accessible for home and semi-professional studios. This issue is ruggedly engineered, provides American heat and clear sound. Too many artists have used it to name, and it can last you varied years if you are taking care of it. You’ll recognize it’s a pleasant investment and worth the price tag. It has a very large frequency range that’ll pick up voices spanning from the BeeGee’s to Tom Waits.

The package comes with a awfully nice (albeit plastic however sturdy) case, a phantom power amp just in case you don’t have an audio interface. You furthermore may get the mandatory XLR cables out of the box and you'll be able to record those vocals of yours. It had been our choice for the most effective mic for rap vocals; you simply can’t beat the nice and cozy, clear sound we have a tendency to get here. It’s magnificently engineered and sounds superb. If you'll be able to afford it, this is often one amongst the most effective out there.

Audіо-Tесhnіса AT2035

image via gearnutz.com


Audio-Technica is one amongst the favorite brands and once it involves mics they’re not totally different. They’re sometimes prized for their USB AT2020 mic. This specific model is one of the most well-known but it contains a epicycloid massive diaphragm condenser mic with a good force per unit area level (SPL) for eruption nevertheless remaining clear and crisp.

It’s the selection for a budget-friendly mic for recording vocals. It also contains an high pass filter that you can adjust. You’re obtaining a pleasant flat response with true sound — no washy effects or dramatized frequencies. you'll be able to conjointly use this for acoustic guitars or string instruments if you've got them on standby for your songs.

Nеumаnn TLM-102

image via nueman.com


Here’s one amongst the costlier microphones for recording vocals. While it is expensive the John von Neumann is worth the consideration. This issue is outstanding as it relates to audio quality, you can’t deny the sound it provides. If you'll be able to get past the price tag you’ll feel secure that you’re obtaining one amongst the most effective investments out there.

It will manipulate the vocals a small amount with a small presence boost higher than 6 kHz however, in our opinion it doesn’t fully change the sound it just seems to polish it. I mean, once it comes down to it, the price tag on the Neumann is a lot more expensive than the first microphone we listed, but as explained earlier, it is worth the consideration as it is the standard in the music industry.

AKG C214

image via www.performanceaudio.com


It appears that AKG has got to be mentioned. It has a switchable 20dB attenuator as well as a bass-cut filter. You'll be able to get up-close and private with it (I like being super on the brink of the mic myself). A solid frequency vary for correct portrayal of your vocals and therefore the entire style is rock solid. Some individuals swear by the C214. After testing it out we can really see where they are coming from. It comes with a carrying case, windshield and shock mount, too. If you are planning on purchasing this microphone, you are on your way towards that professional sound you are looking for.


image via www.proaudiostar.com


It brings nice quality so do not be fooled by the name. This is often one amongst the higher massive diaphragm condenser microphones. It’s a peachy feature however not too groundbreaking, since most people can simply be standing in front of it, so the direction isn’t too necessary. It’d be helpful if you were  to record drums or another instrument that would like a bigger pickup pattern from varied directions. It’s still a solid mic with some clear quality and flat tune. Sensible brightness that will really help the vocal standout in the rap genre.

MXL 770

image via www.doowop.com


One of the most effective condenser mics under $100, you'll be able to say the 770 has stood the test of time because it has been out for awhile. It has a  switchable bass cut and -10dB pad, and the transistor preamp could be a bit different from most category A mics. However, that’s too minuscule of a distinction to do dissect.


Here’s another common model. This capacitor microphone comes with overall quality and clarity. You’re obtaining a flat neutral frequency response that some even use for on-stage performances. What’s convenient is their low-frequency filter you'll be able to put on. This model is usually within the comparison talks once it involves condenser mics among this worth and it falls just under the NTK in my opinion. A touch higher quality than the Bluebird.

It’s used with drums, acoustic guitars, guitar cabs and additional instruments and vocals. It’s very versatile and spans across a large kind of uses. Not to mention that the Shure company tag simply makes it that rather more trustworthy as they are a staple brand in the music industry.


image via dv247.com


Here’s another Rode mic to look at and it’s a lot cheaper compared to the NTK. It’s super popular with pod-casters and recording vocals and sounds exceptional. It does come with some limitations and less equipment than the others do. However, that's a blessing in disguise considering the price.

Bеhrіngеr C-1

image via www.gear4music.com


For home studios or people who simply wish to have a mic readily available for traveling or to fiddle with friends, the C-1 is a viable option. A transistor amp, decent SPL, and there are very limited drawbacks considering the price on this mic. Good for home studios, pod-casters, gaming, etc. Will not be as high quality as many of the other mics listed above but can get the job done.



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