Review: Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers For Music Production & Making Beats

Review: Best MIDI Keyboard Controllers For Music Production & Making Beats

Written by Jaron Lewis

Any musician worth his salt knows that technology is growing in the music industry just as quickly as it is flourishing elsewhere – and that tech is being lovingly applied to our instruments to create unique new sounds to tantalize our senses with. What is a MIDI keyboard? It is the best keyboard for music production and the best keyboard for making beats... but of the best, which are the best? That's what we aim to find out.

What Is A MIDI Keyboard

According to the internet, there are at least a dozen MIDI keyboard makers out there who claim that their product is the best computer keyboard for music production – but surely they can't all be the best? A MIDI computer Keyboard is a set of keys that makes no sound by itself, but rather transfers the sounds into MIDI files to be played through a computer.

They are incredibly useful to instrumentalists who are composing music, as they cut out the middle process of having to record in a sound booth. There is no denying that the use of MIDI technology has saved time and money throughout the whole industry – but we still don't know what the best keyboard for music production is...

Top 2 Keyboards?

The answer is (according to reviews and consistent product love) the Akai MPK Mini MKII 25-Key USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Controller. Obviously this system also includes the drum, making it the best keyboard for making beats on. The system only has 25 keys but it still scores consistently highly. The full sized model (the Akai MPK249) still has its merits but only takes second place.

Third Place?

In third place by general consensus is the Novation LaunchKey 61 MK2. In terms of a good MIDI keyboard for music production you cannot go far wrong here. It has a full 61 keys and has almost as many features as the MPK 249 – but is available for a much better price. If you want the best keyboard for making beats but don't want to pay through the nose for it, then this is the set we recommend for you.

In 4th Place

At four we have the M- Audio Keystation 4911. This one is the no-nonsense version of the three above. If you are looking for the best MIDI keyboard for music production but without the frills and lace, then this is the instrument for you.

The Keystation lacks some of the odder functions of the others but, when it comes down to sound and a straightforward process then this set beats everything else hands down. The choice is yours! Do you want simplicity or do you want intricate sounds? We'll let you decide...

In Conclusion

We hope we have managed to find a reasonable cross section of MIDI Keyboards for you, and that somewhere amongst them you will find your perfect musical partner! So if you want to find the best MIDI Keyboard Controller for music production then follow our advice and we're sure you won't go wrong!



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