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The Best R&B Beats and Instrumentals For Sale Online

Written by Omari MC

There are tons and tons of music producers online vying for the attention of the soul artist. You can look on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, you name it!

Everybody and their mama is trying to sell beats online, and why not?! It's not a bad gig.

The problem is that few are willing to put in the work to have a genuine quality sound.

Some would argue that people don't buy instrumentals anymore. "Why pay for something when you can get it for free?"

Of course, any professional artist or producer knows that couldn't be further from the truth. You wouldn't go into Best Buy and request a new 50" Smart TV for free, would you?

Of course not! But you would expect some janky 13" tube tv from your friends house to be free (or extremely cheap). You pay for quality! Same idea in the music business.

I've taken the liberty of applying this knowledge to the web and finding the best sites for serious artists to get R&B instrumentals.

A great song starts with a great beat! Here's where you can find some:

It'd be pretty stupid if I didn't mention my own site on this list!

In all seriousness, there are many professional r&b beats for sale on the homepage.

I've sold thousands of beats and have been making them for about a decade so far. Some of the more popular songs have tens of thousands of hits on either SoundCloud or my BeatStars account. is where I host all my work. If you're a producer and don't have an account there you should!

That's where I got the beat player on my homepage from and they have tons of creative ways for music producers to make money from their beats.


Best R&B Beats and Instrumentals Online

Click the image for more R&B beats supplies R&B Beats and Instrumentals to artists and labels worldwide. Established in 2007, they've issued 1000's of tracks and licences to their customers. Check out the latest beats at

These are more classy and soulful beats for a pure R&B singer. If you have strong vocals, consider stopping by these guys for a couple tracks.


JCaspersen is a SERIOUS producer.

His beats are a different kind of R&B than A newer school feel to them, but quality nonetheless.

You'll also find Trap and other Hip-Hop beats on his page, but a good chunk of them are R&B.

Click the image for JCaspersen Beats

I've been listening to Obrian Music ever since his days on SoundClick.

He has some of the smoothest sounds out and is a wizard with creating scintillating electric piano riffs.

His melodies are usually paired with some calm synths and have a slow jam feel to them.

Obrian Music R&B

Click the image for Obrian Music

Scarecrow beats has a style similar to Obrian Music. Very smooth and a little bit of a classic R&B feel to most of the tracks.

Pure singers and soulful artists would do well to check out and make some demos to some of these tracks.

Here's Scarecrow's bio:

My name is Kevin aka Scarecrow Beats. I was born on February 4th, 1992, in the Netherlands. I produce R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul music. My goal is to bring R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop back to a different level!

As a child I couldn't stay away from a keyboard. In 2010 I got accepted into music school. During my education I began to get a better understanding of the theoretical sides of music.

I also learned a lot about mixing and mastering. Did you know that 80% of a good mix is all about the quality of the samples? That's why creating custom drums is also something I like to immerse myself in!

scarecrow beats

Click the image for Scarecrow Beats

This one has a really classic feel. More so than any of the others.

They'll take you back to the Charlie Wilson, Montell Jordan, Brian McKnight phase (not a bad thing in my book)!

Take a listen and drop them some feedback if you like it!

You're going to have to search this guys catalog because he has a ton of different styles, but R&B is one of those!

Here's his bio:

Music Producer Inspiring Minds Δcross The Globe. Produced For Many Major Artists, Labels & TV Stations. -Grind or Die-

Superstar O

Click the image for Superstar O

Maskerade Beats is a music production and songwriting company based in California. They provide top-notch urban music for artists around the world.

Influences include: John Legend, Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Jhene' Aiko, SZA, Johnny Rain, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, Jeremih, Ty$ and many more.

I'd also include these guys in the newer school of R&B. If your style fits a Bryson Tiller style feel free to demo some of their beats!

Dinamico has a versatile catalog like many of the producers on this list, so you'll have to pick and choose which of his beats are R&B, but the selection is solid!

Some of the R&B is pretty spacey/New School with synths, pads, and bouncy drums. You could say some are reminiscent of Maskerade Beats.

Feel free to demo some of his beats as well!

Dinamico Beatz

Click the image for Dinamico Beatz

Rounding out the list is Breezy Beats. He has some very smooth instrumentals that blend elements of old school R&B guitar with a new school aura.

Listen to one of his samples below.


Are these the only R&B beats and instrumentals for sale online? Of course not, but these are all producers who make dope beats that can boost the quality and sales of your music!

If there are others you like feel free to leave some in the comments!

However, a smart artist knows not to just post their links without contributing anything relevant in the comments. I'll leave it at that.



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