Sell Lyrics, Make Money: Tricks Of The Trade

Sell Lyrics, Make Money: Tricks Of The Trade

Written by Jaron Lewis

For any music lover and writer of lyrics, the thought crosses your mind that maybe one day you could make a living from it. There is no reason to think you can’t, because nothing is stopping you selling your lyrics and making money while you do it. Whether you just sell lyrics, or you’re selling songs to artists- we’ll teach you how to become a paid songwriter.

A lot of the websites that we have found are free to join, while others may require a low cost, one-time fee. That fee is nothing, provided you believe in yourself and your ability to create music that people will want to hear. Paying a small, one-time fee is nothing compared to what

Ditto Music offers an excellent service, and a great deal. You will be paying a small fee upfront, however, you can get your music onto a variety of online stores. You retain the rights, and are entitled to royalties. You can set up your own record label, and will be eligible for music charts across the world.

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Whether it’s lyrics, poetry, or songs that you write- you can get selling with Song Writing Opportunities. You decide what price you will be selling your songs for, and you retain 100% of the rights and receive royalties if you have a hit on your hands. It’s an excellent way for song or lyric writers to get their start in the business.

This is a totally unique music market place that’s perfect for anyone who works professionally within the music industry. Anyone that has an interest in selling lyrics, music, sourcing, licensing, or buying will have an interest in Songbay. It has everything everyone needs, all under one giant umbrella.

There are plenty of tools Songcast offers to help you promote your music, which makes it easy to get your music selling online. It provides an affordable and streamlined distribution service where labels and artists can release their music into all of the major digital stores, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and AmazonMP3.

This is a community that was founded back in 2012. The posts are reviewed by members of the site, and every review includes feedback on the work that has posted, and comes with a rating. The rating system is a 6-star scale, with 6 being the highest rating available. There’s also an option to sell your music. You retain the copyright, and the payments are commission free and handled by PayPal.

Join ASCAP, which allows you to register your lyrics and collect royalties, while taking advantage of plenty of career benefits. It’s conflict free, as it’s the only US performing rights organization that is member owned. Its entire purpose is to serve you and help you through your music life. It collects royalties and distributes them, and strengthens your copyrights, offering support and development for your career. It’s a one-time fee of just $35, and there are no annual dues.

The list may not be massive, but there is plenty to choose from and each can offer you a solid start to your music career, whichever option you go with.



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