Spotify For Artists App: Every (Important) Thing You Need To Know

Spotify For Artists App: Every (Important) Thing You Need To Know

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’re an aspiring musician and looking to get your music out there and noticed, one of your first stops should be Spotify. It’s now one of the biggest music streaming services and available on computers, tablets and smartphones so people can stream music wherever they are.

Now there is a Spotify for Artists App, an innovative new app which allows users to see when their music goes live, learn statistics about your listeners and control your presence on Spotify to reach more listeners than ever before!

New Features

The app is designed with artists in mind so it is so easy to use and lets you control exactly what you want or need to control, all from your phone! This means that wherever you are you can make sure your music is reaching the people who matter most – the fans.

Some of the most important features about this new app are its incredible user-friendly interface. Your profile can be updated from anywhere in the world. Unlike other platforms which mean you just have to log on a computer to update things, Spotify for Artists allow you to add new band members whenever you want, or if you want to tell your listeners or followers about a new song you’ve just discovered – you can do it with just a few clicks of a button (or touchscreen!) Updating your bio, playlists and artist’s pick mean that you are able to remain up to date all the time and your fans and listeners can always stay in the loop!

Image Via Billboard

Stats About Your Music

As an artist, releasing new music is probably what you live for. However, while it is exciting, it can also be incredibly stressful. Long gone are the days where you would have to wait days or weeks before receiving a call from your manager telling you how well it had done. With the Spotify for Artists app you can see exactly how many times your track has been listened to.

It updates in real time so every time someone streams it, you can see. This is only in the first week which is, arguably, the most important week but after that you can still see regularly how many people are listening and streaming your music.

Stats About Your Listeners

You can also use this app to see statistics about your listeners. This is invaluable for releasing social media content and relating to your listeners on a personal level. You can find out their age, gender, location and how they’re listening to your music.

This means that you can find out who the bulk of your followers are and find out how to connect with them and reach out to more people in the same demographics. Most importantly, you can do all of this with your phone meaning you never have to wait until you’re in front of a computer again.



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