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Spotify Greenroom App Review (Watch Out Clubhouse) 

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

You’ve probably heard about the Clubhouse app and all the hype this year surrounding the live audio chat room platform. Users are able to participate in discussions related to various topics and get to listen in on conversations from their favorite celebrities, influencers, or industry figures.

Clubhouse became so popular because it is an extremely innovative way for people to connect without ever leaving the comfort of their own house. However, Clubhouse has received some backlash because the app is accessible through invite-only. This means it excludes a large portion of people who want to join the platform but don’t have the necessary liaison to get invited. 

Well, if you are a huge Spotify devotee like me, you may have seen their latest development — Spotify Greenroom. The #1 music streaming service saw a perfect opportunity to infiltrate the live audio social media market and created an app all of their own. 

Spotify launched Greenroom only a few months ago, their new social audio app that lets you host and join in live chats from your phone or computer. It provides users with a live audio experience and the opportunity to participate in discussions among famous celebrities, artists, athletes, influencers, or between you and your friends. 

 The origins of Spotify Greenroom go back to March 2021, when the company acquired the sports audio app Locker Room, aiding their entry into the live audio market. Now, what was once a sports focused audio only chat room is now a discussion hub for various topics such as comedy, political news, hip-hop talk, sports watch parties, and more. 

As we know, Greenroom’s biggest rival is currently Clubhouse — but when Clubhouse first appeared on the scene back in April 2020, the app was in a lane completely of its own. Launching during the Covid-19 pandemic when the cancelation of live shows put a halt to any sort of artist-to-fan interaction, the Clubhouse app became a huge game changer for the music industry. This audio based social media app allowed artists to connect with fans in a way that they never have before. People from around the world were given the ability to come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time, without ever stepping foot outside of their home. 

Now that the world is getting back to semi-normal after the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s fair to say that Clubhouse has been losing steam compared to when it first started out. Spotify has sought out to bring back the early hype around live audio apps with their own new version of it… but how does it compare to Clubhouse? Or will it be another flop after the initial excitement of the new app wears off? We discuss it all in this review. 

Greenroom by Spotify

Greenroom is a social media platform from Spotify that uses live audio to connect people. You chat about things that interest you in virtual rooms, which is great for artists to connect with their fans in a whole new way. From the point of view of the fans, this is an excellent way for them to access their favorite artists and join or listen in on their conversations as if they were talking to them on a phone call. 

If you are familiar with Clubhouse, you will know how this app works. However, Spotify does this slightly differently — as you don't need an invite, meaning it is accessible to any and all fans who download the app, along with some other differences that we will discuss below.

How Does Spotify Greenroom Work?

Spotify Greenroom is based on how Locker Room works. If you already have the Locker Room sports talk app, you can update it in the App Store or on Google Play to view the new changes, designs, and rebranding that Spotify incorporated. The user interface largely resembles the Spotify user interface. To get started on Greenroom, download it from your app store and sign in with your Spotify account info. From there you will be directed to pick some areas of interest and asked what sort of topics you’d like to converse among.

Once inside the app, you will want to join some groups related to your interests. This is where the live conversations happen in the many different virtual rooms. You can create your own room on the platform, inviting users to join you through a calendar function, select your topic and then go 'live'. Another great thing about Greenroom is that it also uses Spotify's personalization strategies, so it’s able to target recommendations for users based on what the app already knows about you and your listening habits.

Once you get started in a room or chat, the speakers or hosts will appear at the top of the screen and represented by profile icons. Listeners are depicted below with smaller icons, so you can see who else is in the room with you and listening in on the conversation. There is a mute icon, volume control, and button to applaud the speakers virtually. Each room on Greenroom holds up to 1,000 people and invitations can be issued to listeners to join the session. Spotify is looking to expand the capacity of each room in the future once the app gains more traction.

Difference Between Greenroom and Clubhouse

Greenroom offers some advantages that are not offered by their main competitor, Clubhouse. These include:

  • Anyone can host a chat in Greenroom, not just approved speakers or creators.

  • Hosts on Greenroom are able to ask for the audio file, edit it and seamlessly turn it into a podcast if they choose to do so.

  • Spotify Greenroom also records live audio sessions for moderation. Giving the user a quality experience.

  • There is no invite necessary to join the platform, unlike Clubhouse.

  • Greenroom hopes to eliminate problems with hate speech seen on other platforms that usually occur through lack of regulation.

Greenroom by Spotify Plans

The company has future plans on content and live broadcasts related to entertainment and culture, moving away from Locker Rooms sole sports focus. It will also improve the user experience, and elevate itself above competitors accordingly. It will also be marketing Greenroom to its artists through Spotify and has plans around creator monetization in the near future.

With Spotify’s plans for a creator fund, they hope to update the app with more content and facilitate more collaboration with artists. Spotify will support and reward creators to expand and further diversify the Greenroom, allowing it to reach a far greater audience. This in turn will allow the artists to be rewarded for content, and work done to extend outreach.

Greenroom in the Future the Creator Fund

Spotify Greenroom is looking for a way to bring more creators onto the platform through their Greenroom creator fund. The creators will be paid for building content and community on the Greenroom app. The fund hasn't disclosed how much money will be spent on creators but is open for registration, and will soon begin payments.

Payments are calculated weekly and if you have earned money Spotify will automatically contact you. The creator economy attracts large sums of money, and this growth is just the start. So if you are thinking about creating, now is the time to do it  before the platform becomes overcrowded. 

TikTok started its creator fund last year and plans to grow it over the next three years. Pinterest also launched a $500,000 fund for participants to earn money, and many built their careers on the platform. Clubhouse is offering a creator grant program, so it is timely that Greenroom is releasing its own creator program. Most people can't get enough social media, and many spend all their spare time trying to find the right niche for them, and Spotify Greenroom creator will allow them more choice.

Will Spotify Greenroom Surpass Clubhouse?

Well so far it certainly looks like it due to it’s easy accessibility and more advanced features. Also, given what Spotify has planned for Greenroom in the near future, it definitely looks like it could be surpassing Clubhouse sooner than later. Spotify has definitely stepped in to increase competition within the live audio market and we assume Greenhouse will continue to grow and improve its overall functionality. 

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Wrapping Up

Greenroom by Spotify is a very exciting development, giving artists the opportunity to grow your fanbase, showcase your musical career, and give others a hand in starting their own careers. This is a nice way to stay in touch with those who have supported you along the way. The good thing is that Greenroom is not just restricted to music, but allows for other talents to be showcased as well including culture and other forms of entertainment. 

Since Greenroom is not just music based, it welcomes a new variety of creators and topics to open conversations that wouldn't be found on any other audio apps. Their easy format to turn your Greenroom sessions into a podcast is another great feature of the app, as many of us already have podcasts of our own. There are multiple ways to take full advantage of what Greenroom has to offer, especially for musicians. 

We highly recommend you trying out Greenroom by Spotify as a way to further establish your career, brand, and artistic abilities. Leave us a comment below on your thoughts and opinions about this live audio app, and how you think it stands up against Clubhouse!

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