Spotify Jobs: How To Become The Ultimate Playlist Curator

Spotify Jobs: How To Become The Ultimate Playlist Curator

Written by Jaron Lewis

Becoming a playlist curator can be a fun and unique job for anyone who loves music and enjoys collecting songs of a genre or type to listen to. Many curators have started out by making playlists just for friends and family, and have found that people from across the world want to listen to the songs they put together, but it’s not always easy to get listeners, and you will have to work hard to maintain your position.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do to get on the Spotify playlist curator’s list is to sign up to Spotify, make an active account, and start making your playlists. The actual steps involved are relatively simple, although there is a lot more to the job than putting songs in a list and hoping that people will listen.

A Spotify curator’s main task is to listen to music submitted by artists and organise it into playlists so people browsing for music will come across it. With the amount of songs available on Spotify, this is a great way for users to discover new music which is similar to what they have already been listening to.

A curator will need to have ideas or categories for their playlists so they can provide a focused theme, rather than a random assortment of songs which happen to appeal to their specific taste.

How To Be Successful

Spotify playlist curators have a few key roles which they need to perform to be successful. They need to be proactive, always finding new music and updating playlists, but keeping them relevant to their titles – if you’re making a playlist for runners, you need to focus on what sort of tunes you’ve already chosen, and whether the listeners are likely to enjoy the new ones.

Finding trends and similarities takes a skilful ear and careful thinking, but a playlist which doesn’t get added to and expanded is unlikely to stay high on people’s priority list. They might enjoy listening once in awhile, but nobody wants to hear the same songs hundreds of times, so they’ll quickly jump to the next thing if you don’t keep the playlists alive. Similarly, remove songs which aren’t getting a good response, so people don’t end up listening to music they don’t enjoy or having to skip the songs each time.

Many people are looking for Spotify curators’ contact details, so you need to make sure people can find you and submit music for you to listen to and potentially include in your playlists. Joining the list of Spotify curators means you need to be available, responsive, and passionate about music from different genres. Having a wide-ranging taste will expand your playlists and the people you reach with them.

In Conclusion

For anyone who really loves and understands music, becoming a music curator could be an ideal way to share your taste and creativity with the world. Playlists are a great way for people to broaden their music library and still hear songs that they like, so if you have a good ear and can take a guess at what may be the up-and-coming hit song, this could well be the job for you.



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