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7 Quality Spotify Curators To Submit To In 2023

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

Streaming services are extremely prominent in today's music industry, Spotify holding the number one spot with over 72 million monthly listeners. Musicians can find it hard to stand out on streaming apps like Spotify due to the over saturation on the platform. One of the best ways to get noticed and promote your music on Spotify is by getting featured on one of their curated playlists.

Getting music on a popular playlist with thousands of followers is a surefire way for artists to increase their engagement, streams, and overall brand awareness. Though most artists already know that… the question that remains is HOW can artists get on these editorial Spotify playlists? 

We’re going to list the 7 best Spotify curators of 2022 that you can submit your songs to in order to be placed on one of these high-quality and highly listened to playlists. We’re also going to discuss what exactly a Spotify curator is, how they work, and the best methods of reaching out to them.

What are Spotify Curators?

Spotify curators are the individual who receives, selects and adds music to the Spotify playlists that the users then listen to. Playlists generate millions of streams daily, which is why artists are constantly striving to get their music on these different playlists. Getting a hold of these Spotify playlist curators is the best way to get your music featured on the platform.

There are two kinds of Spotify curators. One, Spotify official curators who are employed by Spotify and manage editorial playlists like Today's Top Hits, RapCaviar, and many more. 

Then there are independent Spotify curators that have incredible taste in music and have made playlists like Soundplate, Songpickr, etc. They have amassed tons of listeners over time and have developed a popular name for themselves in the world of Spotify playlists. Both kinds of curators can be your best shot at getting your music out in front of a hungry audience who is eager to find new music and become a fan of the latest up and coming artists.

Best Way to Find Spotify Curators to Promote your Music

The one thing artists find incredibly difficult is reaching out to independent and editorial curators at Spotify to get their songs into high-quality playlists. Unless you know the right people to talk to or have connections within the industry, it can be hard to get a response from some of these playlist makers. Luckily, we have discovered the best ways for artists to find these curators in order to promote their music on Spotify playlists:

Finding Independent Spotify Curators

Independent Spotify curators are a huge benefit to newer musicians who are trying to get noticed, especially if they offer free curation services. Since they are independent and don’t work directly with the platform, they are much easier to get in touch with and get a response from. Here's how you can reach independent Spotify curators for promoting your music in their playlists:

  • Go to the Independent Curator's profile.

  • Read their description thoroughly, it is crucial to reach them.

  • Use the contact information they've given to get to them and pitch your music to them according to the instructions they've given.

  • Make sure you pitch them the song perfectly and give them a listen before you release the song.

Finding Spotify Editorial Curators isn't the difficult part. What's difficult is pitching your song to them and getting a good response. Let's take a look at how you can pitch to a Spotify Editorial Curator accurately so your song can feature in one of the popular Spotify playlists.

  • First, you'll need to make a Spotify for Artists account and then claim your profile.

  • You're going to get the option to pitch your upcoming music to editors to feature in playlists.

  • Here you're going to fill in all the necessary information and details so you better your chances of getting your song approved.

  • Make sure you send your pitch to the editors a while before your song releases on Spotify because it takes time for reviewing pitch.

  • Your request will then be reviewed and if your song is good enough along with your pitch, your music can be featured in your desired playlist upon release.

Top 7 Quality Spotify Curators to Submit your Music to

If you're wondering which Spotify Curators you should go to so your song can feature in the best playlists, helping you gain popularity and followers, look no further. 

Here is a list of the top 7 quality Spotify Curators that you can submit your music to in 2022, so you can be heard by the masses and successful in the music industry:

Omari MC is undoubtedly one of the best music promotion and curation services in the market. If you want to get your music in the high-quality and highly listened to playlists on Spotify, then Omari MC is a great option for you.

Included in Omari MC’s arsenal are some of the most listened to and liked playlists on Spotify. If you are looking to gain exposure from a targeted audience that would love your music, Omari MC makes this happen. The prices are extremely reasonable and the plays and likes you receive will never come from fake accounts or bots. Omari MC offers 100% organic marketing and promotion to get your music the attention it deserves.  

Omari MC also offers many different promotional services and marketing tools that help musicians get the brand recognition and career boost they need. No matter what size or genre of the artist, we highly recommend Omari MC promotional services for almost any of your music needs.

Another incredible promotional website for featuring your songs on Spotify among other streaming platforms is Daimoon Media. They offer single track and multiple track playlist pitching options and have successfully helped over 750+ artists get placed on thousands of different Spotify playlists. 

One thing about Daimoon Media is that their services are quite expensive, but there's a lot of potential when it comes to the exposure they can provide to you and your music. In order to reach incredible success, the investment will definitely be worth it. If you are looking for a legit company to get your music placed on popular Spotify playlists, you can definitely put your trust into Daimoon Media.

You Grow Promo is one of the more recent promoters and curators that have stepped into the music scene, taking the market by storm in a short period of time. They offer both YouTube and Spotify Promotion with different plans and prices that can cater to the needs of a wide range of artists.

If you want your music promoted on highly-streamed playlists, so you can get more listeners and organic streams from real followers, we recommend doing business with You Grow Promo. Their package prices start at $67 for 2-6k guaranteed streams and go up to $687 for 35-65k guaranteed streams. The cost of this service may seem high, but in exchange for guaranteed high-quality exposure, dishing the money out to You Grow Promo will prove to be worth it.   

Pitch Playlist is by far one of the biggest playlist pitch platforms that you can find on the internet today. If you want your music to be featured in the best of the best Spotify playlists and gain a lot of great followers and organic streams, then Pitch Playlist is a great route to go.

They have : Tier 1 is the cheapest, costing $375. This will get you on 15-30 active Spotify playlists.They promise a minimum of around 25,421+ new organic streams all from real followers.

Tier 2 is $725 and will get you placed on 30 to 60+ active Spotify playlists. You are guaranteed a minimum of 50,231+ new streams, or your song will stay on the playlists until it reaches that amount.

Tier 3 cost a hefty $1375. In exchange, artists will be placed on 60-90+ active playlists. They will also gain a minimum of 100,623+ organic streams on the song of their choice. Plus, artists will have a reach of around 1 million Spotify users, having their song played on average around 1,121 to 2,632 times per day. 

With such extreme price tags, Pitch Playlist may not be the most ideal service on this list for struggling musicians. However, the outcome you get from this service is astronomical in terms of increasing your reach and following. This is a huge investment for an artist that could really advance your career in the long run.  

MySphera is another great independent Spotify curator option that has very decent packages at fair prices. They provide paid services and you can simply visit their website to be guided through the promotion and curation process. All you have to do is submit your track, pay the price, and MySphera does the rest for you. There are three different plans offered, Basic, Premium, and Bundle.

Basic is obviously their most basic package, yet the most affordable way to gain a guaranteed larger audience. For only $19.99 per track, songs will be included on various Spotify playlists that will get a minimum reach of 2500 real people. 

The Premium is their most popular campaign at $29.99 per track, reaching no less than 5000 people on Spotify. Artists will be featured on various playlists as well as social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter with the purchase of the Premium package. 

The Bundle package is the best value package option. For $134.99 artists can get five of their tracks on the playlists of top tastemakers on Spotify, With the minimum reach of 5000 people. 

Though these prices are attractive, MySphera campaigns tend to start yielding features after 10-14 days. So, these results take a little more time to see than some other services we’ve mentioned. It also should be noted that they do not offer guaranteed features like some other companies do. It’s unlikely, but it is possible that your song will not be picked up by a playlist. If this is the case, they will offer you a 50% refund. 

When it comes to sexy playlist covers and editorial quality song lists with huge listener traffic and likes, there are not many better playlist curators than Soave Records.

Soave Records has their own website where you can find their extensive lists of playlists ranging from Pool Party, Running Music, and Coffee Lounge, among many others. They are known for their various playlists that listeners can choose from depending on their mood, vibe, or activity they are looking to match songs with. With 2.7 million Spotify followers alone, your song is definitely going to reach a large audience if put on one of their popular playlists.

If you want to promote your music by getting featured on a Soave playlist, you’ll need to reach out to them via Playlist Push, Sound Campaigns, or SubmitHub. The site is full of information about the service, including active curators, statistics, customer reviews, response time, prices, and more.  

They do not guarantee that you will be accepted for placement, this will depend on the quality of your song. If your music is great enough to be featured on a Soave Records playlist, you're already on your way making it big in the music industry.

Soundplate is one of the big-league members in the independent Spotify playlist curator game. They're a proper high-quality professional record label that has many incredible Spotify playlists under their belt, ranging from pop, lofi, afrobeats, jazz and just about any other genre imaginable.

The great thing about Soundplate is that their Spotify curation services are completely free. All you have to do is choose one of their playlist that you feel your song would fit best on and click submit. They even offer a free track analyzer tool so you can easily get statistics on any Spotify song, thus bettering your chances of getting your song placed on certain playlists.

If you are a musician trying to make it in the industry, there should be no reason as to why you wouldn’t take advantage of free services like these to better your chances of getting heard.

Wrapping Up

Finding a high-quality curator to get your music placed on popular Spotify playlists can be difficult. Luckily, we took care of the hard part for you. All you have to do is submit your music to any of these 7 curators mentioned above and you’ll be on the way to growing your Spotify audience in no time. 

Yes some of these services seem pricey, but when you look at it in retrospect, the investment you put in will benefit your career tremendously. For artists, getting your music heard is the most important part of the game. We highly recommend you looking into these Spotify playlist curators so your music can get the recognition it deserves.

When your song is ready to go, it's time to start promoting it to potential fans! Omari has the best organic promotion services money can buy. With packages for Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, we will get your music the traffic and attention it deserves! Click below for more information.  


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