Spotify Playlist Placement & Pitching Services: Top 5 Review

Spotify Playlist Placement & Pitching Services: Top 5 Review

Written by Cameron Mayo

Spotify promotion companies can be incredibly helpful for helping to boost how much attention your playlist is getting. That being said, when selecting a Spotify playlist pitching service or a company that can help with Spotify artist promotion, it’s important to find a service that is both effective and reliable (while also not violating Spotify’s Terms of Service).

With that in mind, we’ve collected some information and put together this list of the top five Spotify promotional services currently available.

Omari is a great choice if you want natural and organic promotion on Spotify. Currently, there are five different promotional packages to choose from. These various packages vary in both price (with a range of $67 to $697 depending upon with package you choose) and the amount of time it takes to accomplish the overall goal.

All packages can really get your music on more Spotify playlists and bring the increased attention you want to your tracks!


2.  Daimoon Market

This promotional company offers both SoundCloud and Spotify promotional services. In regards to Spotify, they currently offer Spotify Play Campaigns and Spotify Playlist Promotion. The Play Campaign involves Daimoon Market sending your musical track to a wide network of radio stations, DJs, and other promoters to help gain additional influence and interest in your work.

Daimoon Market’s Playlist Promotion, meanwhile, helps with Spotify Playlist Placement which in turns helps you to reach more listeners with your music.


3. Broken8Records

Available on fiverr, Broken8Records is a successful and popular promotional service. They focus primarily on Spotify playlist placement and playlist promotion, which is typically done by first including your songs on their official playlist and then (depending on which promotional package you purchase) doing further promotional work using social media.

The Standard Playlist Package is $30, while the Basic Playlist Package is $20 and the Premium Playlist Package is $40.


4.  Band Express

Spotify Playlist Placement & Pitching Services: Top 5 Review

Band Express is another Spotify playlist pitching service that specializes in Spotify Playlist Placement. They focus their efforts on utilizing additional services such as PlaylistPump to help promote your tracks and get them on as many high-traffic playlists as possible.

Band Express also adds songs to their own highly popular Spotify Playlist of new artists if they like them. Band Express is simply a great resource for Spotify Playlist promotion; their official website offers a great deal of advice for how to gain popularity on Spotify.

5. Playlist Push

This online promotional service is also a great choice if you want to focus on Spotify playlist promotion. Playlist Push is notable for crafting specially targeted campaigns for anyone who hires their service; they will develop a plan for how to promote your music specifically, ensuring that it reaches people who will be interested in it.

Additionally, one quality that sets them apart from most other promotional services is that they cater exclusively to independent artists, encouraging growth in the musical community.

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