Submit Hub: 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know When Submitting Music

Submit Hub: 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know When Submitting Music

Getting your music out into the world and getting noticed has changed significantly in the past decade. The short story is that it is much easier these days than it used to be. Thanks to the internet, we have music blogs, streaming services, and digital download platforms. There are numerous ways to reach listeners these days, with more coming online all the time.

Enter SubmitHub

One of the newcomers onto the scene is SubmitHub. Founded in 2015, this service exists to make the process of sending music to curators, like music blogs, as simple as possible. You get all sorts of stats and options to select exactly who should get your music. If you end up sending it to the wrong people, you will have wasted your time.

SubmitHub boasts over half a million songs shared so far. This is quite impressive, although they are feeling the heat from other new competitors. The competition has become so intense, that SubmitHub is asking music artists to be realistic with their expectations. Since SubmitHub is a giant in the room, we will go over 10 things you absolutely must know when submitting music to this service.

SubmitHub Rejections

Rejection is always a hard pill to swallow. SubmitHub rejections happen frequently. They happen so much that people have gone to writing about them online and sharing them in music communities. 

Music artists have commented how, for instance, their music was in key, yet the SubmitHub reviewers stated that it was not. The general consensus seems to be that the people on the reviewing end of SubmitHub attempt to come across as professionals by using buzzwords, yet sometimes are not as understanding of music theory and concepts as the artists themselves.

Some curators also have acceptance rates at less than 1%. While we wouldn’t want a curator to be accepting every song, you do have to wonder why some curators will leave a positive review of a song and still not feature it. It seems tiresome for artists to go through that whole process to hear they indeed have a great song, but a curator simply doesn’t put it in their playlist.

That’s why we have a minimum guarantee with our music promotion at Omari.

While we can’t guarantee which lists you’ll be in, we guarantee that we continue working on your order until it reaches a minimum number of playlist followers once it’s been accepted by us. 


Who It's For

SubmitHub is for both music artists and music curators. The service was designed to connect artists and curators so that music could get shared as seamlessly and easily as possible. It was created by music fans and it shows.

Research Blogs and Labels Before Submitting

Before you decide on sending your music to a specific music blog or label, do some research on them. Go to their website and look at what music is featured there. On SubmitHub, you can find out which blogs accept premium songs, as well as which blogs do not give you feedback and simply accept standard submissions. At the end of the day, you want to make sure your efforts are not in vain so your music reaches your target audience.

Premium or Standard Submissions

You have two options for submitting your music: premium or standard. Premium will be a service you pay for whereas standard will not come with a fee. When it comes to premium, a blog will request payment to take a listen to your song and review it. 

SubmitHub Pricing

SubmitHub has quite an elaborate pricing system involving credits. The pricing structure of SubmitHub goes something like this:

  • Standard credits are free.
  • Premium credits begin at $6 for 5 credits.
  • You get bulk order discounts. The different tiers are as follows:
    • $80 for 100 credits
    • $27 for 30 credits
    • $10 for 10 credits

You Can Share Private Songs

If your music is made private on a site like Soundcloud, or is unlisted on Youtube, you can still submit it. You can let SubmitHub knoq when the proposed release date will be for your song. This allows bloggers to know how long they should wait before they share it with their audience.

You Cannot Submit an Album

Currently, SubmitHub does not accept entire album submissions. You can only share a single song each time. While you could theoretically upload an entire album one by one, the service does not cater for that kind of workaround in an easy way. You are better off sticking to one submission at a time.

You Can Have Your Song Premiere On Only One Blog

You can designate a song as a 'premiere" which means it has not been released anywhere else and you would like a specific blog to debut it. This is a commitment you are making to them that their audience will have the exclusive scoop for your new song.

Copyright Agreements

You will be asked, at one point or another, whether you are willing to sign a copyright agreement. This agreement would allow someone else to upload your song onto their Youtube channel. You would be giving permission to one of the many music channels on Youtube to share your song with their audience without the fear of getting a strike against their channel.

Youtube has algorithms which sniff out unauthorized uploading of copyrighted music, so if you do not agree with this sort of permission, you can bet that Youtube will be on your side if it ever does happen. If you do give a Youtube channel permission to share your song, you are also giving them permission to monetize your song as it appears in a video. The idea here is that the exposure you are getting is worth you losing any potential money you could have gotten from monetization.

Unfinished Tracks Need Not Apply

If you have an unfinished track or are looking for someone to critique your latest song, SubmitHub is not the way to do those things. Music blogs will be looking for completely finished songs, not ones which still need to be finished or touched up. 

Wrapping Up

This SubmitHub review went through the process of submitting your music to this service. As you can tell, there are pros and cons to using this particular service. Are they the best? Not necessarily. There are other similar services out there that may be more in tune with what you are looking for, so explore your options before making a decision. Even if you nab yourself a SubmitHub coupon code, compare other services because you may end up getting a better deal in the end.

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