Submit Music: 7 Quality Radio Stations That Accept Submissions

Submit Music: 7 Quality Radio Stations That Accept Submissions

Written by Jaron Lewis

The biggest part of becoming a well-known musician is by getting discovered. You could do a lot of local shows and become a local gem, but how do you spread your wings and get a wider audience base? The answer to this is that you need to find radio stations that will play your music.

For instance, you can submit your music to college radio stations free and they will decide if your music fits with their vibe. It never hurts to try. Many musicians have sent their music out a lot before they started to get noticed, but their careers took off once they did. Here are some radio stations for you to check out.

1. KISS International 107.7 FM

If you have a professional quality song, they will guarantee that it gets played on an international and national level. This means that it needs to be mixed and mastered otherwise it will not get played on air. You will also get royalties when the song is played.

Image Via Kiss Intl


2. Sound 106 FM

You will find a wider range of genres that are covered on this station, such as R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Latin Music, Gospel, Pop, Rock, and Reggae. There is a donation of $5 that is required to get your music on this site, but you will get the opportunity to promote your music on this station.


3. Power 106 (Specializes in Hip Hop)

This hip hop station will not only add your song into their rotation for 30 days but they will also send out your music to club DJs to help get your music out there. They will allow listeners to vote on whether or not they want to keep your song in rotation for a longer period of time.


4. Tone Flame Radio

With this station you will need to write out an E-zine article, which can include photos and a video about you (or your band). It specializes in EDM, Pop, Dance, Urban, Reggae, R&B, IDM, Soul, Hip Hop, and rap music. They will also feature you in their music news section as well as play your music.


5. Ms. Dynasty Promotion

This is a syndicated station that gets featured elsewhere, so you need to be sure that you are registered with those other sites if you want to get royalties for your music getting playtime. Here they currently work with Caribbean, Reggae, R&B, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, and EDM though this list may be expanded soon.


6. NLD Radio ATL

You get a unique opportunity display your music on their website in order to see if there is any interest in your music at all, which will help you get very beneficial feedback as to how to improve your songs. There are a wide range of genres that are accepted on this station, so you do need to see if your music fits into their rotations.


7. Spinz FM

Spinz FM is another station very similar to Tone Flame, where they also offer to feature you on their music news pages and promote the song on social media.




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