Ten Tips To Find Your Perfect Rapper Name

Ten Tips To Find Your Perfect Rapper Name

Written by Jaron Lewis

We all know that part of being a good rapper is having the perfect name. Can you think of even one well-known rapper that simply goes by their real name? Of course not. A creative rapper name is key to having success.


The first thing to remember is that your rapper name should be short. Short is catchy and easy to remember, and easy to say in interviews and conversation. Having a name that is too long becomes a hassle just to say and makes it less appealing.


Your name should also be melodic, or otherwise roll off the tongue. Like we said above, your name needs to be catchy, and basically just fun to say. It especially helps when you can make it rhyme, like Eminem or Kidd Cudi.


You should also consider making your rapper name a moniker or variation of your real name or initials. It’s a great starting point for coming up with a new name: once again using Eminem as an example, his rapper name is simply a moniker of his real name’s initials, which are M and M.


 If you’re still at a loss for a name origin, taking some cues from your life is a good idea too. Many famous rappers got their names from something in their childhood. Snoop Dog got his name from the way his mother called him Snoopy when he was a kid.


You can pay tribute to the influences from your life as well. Rap has always been a music genre that takes influence from older things, and paying tribute to that with your name is only natural. Take 50 Cent for example. He got his name from his friend, Kelvin "50 Cent" Darnell Martin.


Another good source of material comes from your everyday life. Look at the things you like in life and try to get a cool name from there. Ghostface Killah got his name from his favorite Kung-Fu villain. You could also find a way to incorporate an acronym into your name that has some deeper meaning, like the rapper M.I.A.


You can also try to make your name have some deeper hidden meaning. Having a symbolic name makes it easier to remember and more personal for you. Rapsody is a play on the words rap and rhapsody.


For a real easy start, you can also add rap handles to your name. The moniker Lil’, MC, and DJ are all commonly added onto rapper names.


Finally, remember that coming up with a rapper name is the same for groups as well. If you have a rapper group instead of just yourself, the same tips apply for naming that group as well.


In the end, coming up with a creative rapper name doesn’t have to be extremely hard. With the above tips, you can likely come up with a great name.

On the other hand, if you are still having trouble, you can always turn to a rapper name generator.



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