The 11 (Absolute) Best DAW Software Today: In-Depth Review

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Written by Tyree Smith

A musician can only be as strong as the DAW software that they use. If you are just starting out, this means finding the best DAW for beginners. However, there are DAWS that work better for different genres. For instance, the best DAW for EDM may not necessarily be the best DAW for hip hop. If you do a lot of live shows, you need the best DAW for live performances. There are even potentially different best DAW for guitarists and the best DAW for mixing and mastering. Think about your needs, then pick from the best DAW 2018 for you.


As far as the best DAW goes, the Logic Pro X is one of the most popular choices. Made for Apple users, it has a clean interface and impressive plugins that can be used for a wide array of needs. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible for Windows users.

While this was initially created for live performances, Ableton Live has grown into a DAW that can be used for a wide array of purposes. It still excels in live performances, but this clean and easy to use interface can be used for most music needs.

FL Studio is probably one of the most recognized DAW. Commonly used for DJs, hip-hop, and EDM music, FL Studios has bundle options that allow you to get exactly what you need. Plus, they have free lifetime updates when you buy their program.

This well-rounded DAW has grown increasingly popular these days. It is a powerful DAW that does have a learning curve but is extremely powerful. This DAW allows maximum creativity for artists.

This has long been an indie product that people used, primarily on the fringe because users were limited to VSTs. Now, Propellerhead allows for imports of numerous effects, plugins, and instruments.

The Cubase series has long been a staple DAW for professionals. The reason for this is because it is easily one of the most powerful DAWs on the market. When you invest in the Pro version, you also get the most comprehensive suite of tools, plugins, and features.

Digital Performer is one of the oldest DAWs on the market, but it has certainly grown with the times. It was originally a Mac only DAW, but recently it has also become compatible with Windows.

One big selling point for this DAW is that it has a free program for beginners. This is the best software for beginners just starting out because it is easy to use, and you can try it for free. As you get more advanced, you can purchase one of the other options.

This isn’t free, but it is a much more affordable DAW than some others on this list. It is a complete audio production program that works for Windows and Mac. It works best for the mixing, editing, and recording part of the process.

Made for music production and live performances, this is a dynamic program that offers solid performance.

Beginners love this easy to use program, but don’t underestimate its power. You can create top-notch professional quality music with this affordable program.

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