The (Only) Ultimate Instagram Music Promotion & Fanbase Building Guide

The (Only) Ultimate Instagram Music Promotion & Fanbase Building Guide

Written by Jaron Lewis

As a musician one of the most difficult parts of your job can be promotions and building up your fanbase. Even the best musicians in the world struggle with promoting themselves in a way that will work to get more and more people engaged and loyal to keeping up with their work.

Instagram has become an increasingly popular method for musicians to self-promote and spread their music across the global community. With a little know how, it can be easy to use Instagram as a marketing and promotional tool for building yourself a fanbase. Today we’re offering the best tips to get yourself started promoting your music on Instagram.


One of the most important things that you can do when working to get involved on Instagram is engage. Engaging in the musical community on Instagram allows you to network and connect with likeminded people across the world. Engagement comes in a few different forms on Instagram but the primary two are liking and commenting on photos.

Liking another users Instagram photo can work as a nudge to get their attention and draw them over to check out your profile. Taking some time to go around and like photos on Instagram can be a great way to help draw positive attention to your profile and grow your fanbase.

Comment On Other Peoples Posts

As well, commenting provides another huge pillar of engagement on Instagram. Commenting on other people’s photos with real and engaging commentary can be a great way to make connections and build a network of fans on the social media site.

Additionally, responding to any and all comments on your own profile can help to increase fan loyalty as it gives those following you the sense that they are being acknowledged and heard and that through your Instagram profile you are accessible.

Target Your Audience

Finally, it's important with engagement to target the demographic of users that you are trying to reach. If you are a musician of a specific genre perhaps take some time investigate commonly used hashtags by others in the same genre community, or musicians in your area or age group.

Using these targeted hashtags to bring your content into different communities on Instagram will help you to access and connect with the demographic of users that you are looking for and will have the highest likelihood of listening to and enjoying the content you are putting out.


Overall, while promotions and building fan bases are arguably two of the most important and difficult aspects about being a musician, the rise of social media has helped to make these tasks a little easier in today’s digitized world. With the rise in popularity of sites like Instagram musicians have more and more ways to engage with their fans and branch out in the music community.

Through engagement and a targeted approach to reaching the audience you are looking for, Instagram can be one of the greatest tools on the market today when it comes to musical promotions and building a fanbase.



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