The Problem With Spotify Taking Down White Supremacist Music

The Problem With Spotify Taking Down White Supremacist Music

Spotify, the music streaming service, has removed a number of white supremacist bands from its platform, while others are currently under review.

After Digital Music News published a story on Monday about 37 white supremacist bands that could be found on their site, Spotify responded by saying that they act as soon as they are made aware of the presence of a group on their site “that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality.”

Some of the 37 bands currently identified by Digital Music News as white supremacists have been removed. Others are currently under review by Spotify include the bands Blood Red Eagle, Freikorps, Skinfull and Skull Head.

Salon reports Spotify isn’t the only online giant to be taking a stronger stand against white supremacism in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots.

The infamous neo-Nazi website ,The Daily Stormer, has already been kicked off of GoDaddy, Google and the Russian internet. Regarding the Russian internet, a spokesman on Wednesday said that “the Daily Stormer website promotes neo-Nazi ideology, incites racial, national and other types of social discord.”

The Problem

First off let me start by saying I applaud Spotify and others for removing hateful content that encourages killing people based on their culture, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

It should be easy to condemn White supremacy and it does make you wonder how the music got on there in the first place.

At the same time you do have to ask, “How true is Spotify going to stick to their own criteria?”

If we’re going to be honest, there are a whole host of popular songs that incite violence against a particular race of people not only from other races, but from the SAME race of people.

Myself being African American, I can attest to this. Obviously, I can’t speak to the feelings of every person, but we have to take a sincere look at Hip-Hop, EDM, Country, Pop, and Trap music to name a few.

Do all these genres talk about killing? No, but they all have their faults.
It doesn’t even go as far that I wish Spotify would censor the uploads or take every objectively hateful song down. I just truly wish we were smart enough not to listen to it.

Songs like "Mask Off" by Future have helped popularize drug abuse, and Spotify does not feel "socially conscious" about this

Songs Still On The Platform

You cannot logically, objectively, or truthfully look at a song like “Hit ‘Em Up” by 2pac and deem that there is less hatred than a White supremacist song.

Does 2pac have some useful songs? Sure. But right now we’re talking about the removal of songs from Spotify, so think carefully before willfully excusing objectively bad influences.

It’s not like you have to go digging back to the archives to find Spotify hosting playlists that have irrevocably similar (if not the same) criteria they condemn!

The first song on their ‘RapCaviar’ playlist as of 8/17/2017 is 21 Savage - Bank Account.

Here are verbatim lyrics from the song:

“Triple homicide, put me in a chair, yuh (in jail)

Triple cross the plug, we do not play fair, yuh (on God)”

I got 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 shooters ready to gun you down, yeah (fast)

Ready to gun you down, yeah (on God)

Wanna see a body, nigga? Get you killed, dog (wet)

Wanna tweet about me, nigga? Get you killed, dog (wet)

Killed dog, I'm a real dog—21—, you a lil' dog”

They're Not Even Hiding This

Rap Caviar Playlist on Spotify

This is the FIRST song on the list! Not hidden. Not like I had to do any digging, and this playlist is HOSTED by the Spotify platform itself.

Does 21 Savage really need to say the exact words, “I want to kill Black people.” on this record for Spotify to take it down?

Listen, if someone wants to willingly admit that they are ignorant and don’t care about what’s being said in the song, that’s one thing.


The minute you start playing the card that you are “socially conscious” yet still continue to not only allow, but promote music that is objectively detrimental to society, you have an inconsistency in thought and action on your hands.

DO NOT tell me you are socially conscious while still promoting this content or listening to it.

To say that this music does not have any effect on society just because you or your friends listen to it and aren’t killers is nonsense.

Is it fully responsible for all the problems in society? No. But it certainly does play its part.

Either admit that you have selective morality and are trying to please the masses or be even across the board.  

Spotify is not the only one at fault, we as listeners must be held accountable. The record labels must be held accountable, the artists must be held accountable, and the media/promoters must be held accountable as well.

As a music promoter myself, I know the feeling of being offered thousands of dollars to promote a song. I also know the feeling of turning down that money because the song was not something that is consistent with the morality and beliefs I hold.

However, when your god is money you start compromising beliefs to meet the bottom line.

worship of money

Image via


It’s great that Spotify took down this hateful content, but let’s be real with ourselves. This is a marketing ploy.

How many songs (and be honest) are in your library that promote misogyny, drug use, violence, murder, promiscuity, fidelity, and the list goes on.

STOP letting the media feed you this crap. I get it, the beat is hot and you claim, “I know murder is wrong. I’m not really going to go out there and do any of this stuff.”

What we let into our minds via entertainment DOES have an affect on us though, so much so that you might even be ready to defend some of the music I listed earlier because it’s gotten so lodged in your thinking.

You have the power to undo some of this. Just have to start believing that.



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