The Top Spotify Playlists For Undiscovered (Awesome) Artists

The Top Spotify Playlists For Undiscovered (Awesome) Artists

Written by Jaron Lewis

Music is a magical thing. It can soothe a broken heart, help us focus when studying for an important exam, or get us pumped up for a big night out. The right song can have a huge impact on our mood and really turn a bad day good.

With the introduction of music streaming services like Spotify, we are able to access a whole world of music right at our fingertips. Whether you are at the gym, at the beach, or in the office. With a quick search, you’ll be able to find the right song for the occasion.

But why stick to the bands and artists you already know? Why not use this power to open yourself up to everything the music industry has to offer? There’s a whole undiscovered scene with masses of talent just waiting to for you to give it a chance.

However, I know in today's world there is everyone trying to push music on you. If you want to find new music you could go through YouTube playlists, or follow a Youtube music blog.

You could scroll through your SoundCloud feed and check what music the blogs have reposted over the past 24 hours, but we thought it would be great to see what our blog network was doing on Spotify!

Want to find the next big thing before everyone else does? Our list of top Spotify playlists in 2017 for undiscovered artists will put you ahead of the curve.

Be sure to follow these playlists!

Add This Music - Top 40

This playlist features a variety of genres and includes clean music. If you have kids in the car or need some great music to play around the entire family, you're safe here!

EDM House Network

This playlist features mostly EDM and Electronic music from artists across the globe. It focuses on bringing talented indie artists the attention they deserve.

Selected Sounds Squad Sunny Chills Playlist

Soft and cozy Melodic and Tropical Deep House tunes to chill to. Updated weekly!

La Musice's Finest

Here are the tracks La Musice's loves and wants to share with all of you!

Melodic Tunes

A daily fresh updated playlist with the hottest new and classic radio & club bangers. You can visit 'Melodic Tunes' also on YouTube. For contact you can send an email to : [email protected]

Sensual Musique

These guys have a host of different playlists ranging from Chill Trap & Future Bass, to Deep House and Summertime. Give them a look see here:


A weekly updated selection of some of my favorite tracks at the moment that I can jam to or play out at a party.

Best Spotify House Mix 2017

Weekly updates of the best house music of 2017.

Underground Hits

This hugely popular playlist by Spotify themselves promises to bring you ‘your next favourite songs’. In my opinion, one of the best indie Spotify playlists for work. Distract yourself in the office or hum along as you type to the 3-hour long collection of chilled out tunes.

Fresh Finds

Yet another Spotify custom playlist. If you can’t wait for Wednesday to get here for new tunes, then you’ll be thrilled to know that discover weekly offers you 2 hours of new music that it thinks you will love based on your listening history, every single Monday.

We don't have a link to this one because it's custom to the songs you listen to on Spotify.

Fresh Finds

This list feature's some of the top hits of 2017 and is updated regularly.

Discover Weekly

This newly launched Spotify feature compiles a weekly (every Wednesday) updated list of fresh new music. It works by taking into account users listening behaviour and new, trending music. It then comes up with a custom made playlist for you of new music that it thinks you will like. With a selection of different options available depending on your mood, you’ll be spoilt for choice.



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