The Ultimate FL Studio Keyboard & Piano Roll Shortcuts List

The Ultimate FL Studio Keyboard & Piano Roll Shortcuts List

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you’ve done much work with FL Studio, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be. Shortcuts make your work easier and means less hours spent doing tedious searching and clicking. We’ve compiled a list of the best shortcuts for FL Studio.

Shortcuts For Sessions

The best starting point for shortcuts are those for creating a new session, open session, and saving your current session. These commands are simple. For Mac devices, you should hit COMMAND + N to open a new session, COMMAND + O to open a session, and COMMAND + S to save a session. For Windows, you should press CTRL + N, CTRL + O, and CTRL + S, respectively.

Shortcuts For Recording

You can use COMMAND + SPACE BAR to stop and start recording on Mac and CTRL + SPACE BAR for Windows devices. This makes it easier when your mixing to playback what you recorded, start and stop quickly if there’s something wrong, and not waste any valuable recording space.

To make it easier to find potential problem areas, markers can be your best friend. To add a marker somewhere in your recording, all you need to do is hit the ENTER key on the Numpad. You can even label these markers so you know why you left them.

Shortcuts For Editing

To undo something when you’re editing, for a Mac device, you would hit COMMAND + Z and for Windows, you would hit CTRL + Z. If you accidentally undo too far, COMMAND + SHIFT + Z will redo the last “undone” thing on a Mac device, and CTRL + SHIFT + Z on a Windows device.

You can also separate selections, heal separations if you do that on accident, and consolidate them. To separate a selection on a Mac, you would need to hit COMMAND + E and for Windows devices, CTRL + E. To heal said separation on a Mac, you should hit COMMAND + H and for Windows, CTRL + H. Lastly, to consolidate those selections, you should hit OPTION + SHIFT + 3, or on a Windows device, ALT + SHIFT + 3.

You can also duplicate selections and trim a selected region of the track with shortcuts. To do this on a Mac, you would need to hit COMMAND + D to duplicate and COMMAND + T to trim. On a Windows device, you should hit CTRL + D to duplicate and CTRL + T to trim.

These simple shortcuts for sessions, recording, and editing on FL Studio will help make your life so much easier. You could save precious editing time while giving a better professional impression. You could spend less hours doing the tedious parts and more hours actually editing with these simple shortcuts.



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