Top 10 Free Audio Plugins You Need

Top 10 Free Audio Plugins You Need

Written by Jaron Lewis

An audio plug-in in layman terms is a pre- recorded collection of audio samples that are used in the field of sound production, synthesis and analysis. These plug-ins are the most essential elements of today’s music industry for professional music production. Audio Plug-ins may include their own user interface which will assist in controlling and visualizing the audio parameters.

For any audio recording, the use of varied instruments with real live orchestra has almost become a rarity with the innovation of these plug-ins. These plugins play the perfect replication of the real instruments. The database of samples is so huge that any instrument can be incorporated in the audio with just a click.

Plug-ins are a revolution in the field of digital recording, which facilitates an immense variety and adds color and gravity to the audios produced. There is an array of plugins available online which can be freely downloaded and put to use with the softwares available on your computer.

There are three major classifications of plugins based on functionality. Plugins for transforming existing audio samples, plugins to produce new audio samples and plug ins to analyze existing audio samples.

Let’s quickly catch up on the TOP 10 free audio plug-ins you ever need:


The most popularly used plugin is the free VST instruments (Virtual Studio Technology) which has multiple players which are incredibly powerful and ready to use. The fully bundled one installation file makes the installation process simple and quick.

free vst plugin


Free audio plug-ins for pro tools, features free RTAS and AAX plugins which includes a host of variants like instruments, tools and effects.


Free audio plug-ins for FL Studio (Fruity loops) has a variety of drum options like DSK DrumZ AkoustiK, DigiDrum Pro, CM-505 etc. which are truly fantastic.

fl studio plugin


Free audio plug-ins for Cake walk is known for its classic synth and effects with outstanding studio quality.


Free audio plug-ins for logic pro presents a quality equalizer to tweet the frequency of the sounds. The Sie-Q highlights are high, mid and low bands with Drive and Gain control.


Free audio plug-ins for Nuendo offers a whole lot of compressor, delay, equalizer, limiter, reverb plugins which can take the sound production to the next level like Voxengo stereo touch, DSK World StringZ etc.


Free audio plug-ins for Cubase also include many phaser, auto tune, vocal changer plugins that are highly functional


Analysis plug in-Stereo Tool helps in analyzing the existing audios


Analysis plug in-Audio Meter is also a wonderful analyzer plugin for modulating and analyzing the saved audios


Analysis plug in-Span is a great option to analyze your tracks in sound production and to understand the variation and give a creative touch to your sound production

Use the wonderful plug-ins to bring in a whole new variety and flavor to your sound production. The beauty of creation lies in the voluminous variety and vivid variations. Plug-ins are definitely a boon to the music industry. Put them to the best use and produce something never heard before.


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