Top 17 Playlists For Listening To Music At Work

Top 17 Playlists For Listening To Music At Work

Written by Jaron Lewis

When you spend eight or more hours at the office, it can get boring doing nothing but work. So, you put on some headphones and look for an awesome playlist that is still work appropriate. Your coworkers don’t need to hear your indulgence playlist of heavy swearing rap music because that could damage your professional reputation.

Add This Music has some great playlists for you for work appropriate music playlists that are easy to listen to and can keep you occupied for hours. But We found some other perfect work music playlists on YouTube and office appropriate Spotify playlists. Here are our top 17 choices:

A very large collection of music ranging across different genres. Over 182 Hours of music which is sure to get you through your work day with ease. Some artists include

  •        Elton John
  •        Norah Jones
  •        Otis Redding
  •        Adele

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I’m a 90’s kid myself so I love this YouTube playlist and it is one of my personal favorites actually. I was so excited when I found this one! Even if you aren’t a 90’s kid you can enjoy this playlist. Check out artists like:

  •        Shakira
  •        Backstreet Boys
  •        Maroon 5
  •        Alicia Keys

We have found that classical music is quite calming and helps with long term concentration. I especially love to listen to this playlist while working on school work because it really helps me focus. You can find other short playlists here and music from composers like:

  •        Mozart
  •        Bach
  •        Vivaldi
  •        Cherubini

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Ok so we know that this is workout music but if you are in a slump in the afternoon and need some pick up then this is the list for you. Check out music from:

  •        Cole Swindell
  •        Justin Bieber
  •        Jason Aldean
  •        Ariana Grande

#5: AM Commute (Spotify)

Check this one out in the morning on the way to the office to get your day started off right with music from:

  •        Coldplay
  •        Rihanna
  •        Kanye West
  •        Years and Years

#6: Morning Coffee (Spotify)

Enjoy with your morning coffee before you have to interact with coworkers for the day and check out music from:

  •        Halsey
  •        Broods
  •        Eva Shaw
  •        The Knocks

The title says it all really. If you need to pump yourself up before a big presentation then give this a listen to hear music from:

  •        Drake
  •        Kanye West
  •        Nas
  •        Kendrick Lamar

#8: Brain Food (Spotify)

Perfect for times when you need to concentrate and relax in order to focus on your task. Find music from:

  •        Deadmau5
  •        Echos
  •        Karma Fields

This is great for after lunch if you need a bit of a pick me up to get you through the rest of your day. Find music from artists like:

  •        Mako
  •        Great Good Fine Ok
  •        Klingande
  •        Nico and Vinz

#10: All The Feels (Spotify)

For when you need a little bit of romance in your life, give a listen to this one for music from:

  •        Drake
  •        Russ
  •        QUIN
  •        Bryson Tiller

#11: All Out 90’s (Spotify)

Sorry, guys, this is another 90’s indulgence that I just cant get enough of. Give this a listen to music from:

  •        TLC
  •        Backstreet Boys
  •        Michael Jackson
  •        Oasis

#12: Warm Hearts Feel Good (Spotify)

If you are having a great day and just want to keep up the positive vibe then check out this playlist with music from:

  •        Speaker of the House
  •        Echos
  •        Matt Simons
  •        Son of 8

#13: I Hate My Job (Spotify)

If you are anything like my ex boyfriend then you hate your job and only work there because the benefits are good. Save your soul by listening to:

  •        Beck
  •        Muse
  •        The Smiths
  •        Talking Heads

#14: End Of Day Uplift (Spotify)

Perfect for the end of day commute home after a long day at the office. Find music from:

  •        Mako
  •        CS
  •        Lost Kings
  •        ASTR

#15: Ambient/Electronic (Spotify)

Great for if you don’t want to be distracted. Listen to beats from artists like Brian Eno.

#16: Classic Rock (Spotify)

Classics from the 60’s and 70’s will keep you grooving all day long. The Rolling Stones are featured on this list.

#17: Hip-Hop (Spotify)

This may not fit into every office environment but noise cancelling headphones could help you out here. Check out music from artists like:

  •        Jay Rock
  •        Kendrick Lamar



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