Top 18 Pop Music Blogs & Websites (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

Top 17 Pop Music Blogs & Websites (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

Written by Cameron Mayo

Getting your music noticed takes a lot of self-promotion and aggressive marketing. A great place to start is submitting your music to music blogs. The first rule of submitting music is knowing which ones to talk to. Our goal here is to help you find the best pop music blogs and indie music blogs who will actually listen to your tracks. Here are some great sites for you to check out because they are always looking for new submissions.

Add This Music is a quickly growing, all inclusive music blog that covers just about every genre you can think of. Specializing in clean music, they have curated playlists for any occasion. Their submission process is quick and simple, and if your song passes their review, it will be added to at least one of their playlists with a day.

This is a great place to submit your tracks!

Based out of London, this blog has been around for a long time, giving honest feedback about all the music they review. There are well over 200,000 followers across their social media accounts who read this blog, giving you a great amount of attention.

Despite having some stringent requirements when it comes to submissions, this is a great place to send your music. Just give their rules a read so you don't get shutdown before they give your track a spin.

Totally dedicated to pop music, Idolator works hard to share cutting edge tracks. If you are featured here, you will be published at the forefront of pop music along side some of the best new music out there. 

This is an American blog and record label publish a lot of extra goodies when they feature an artist. They have an entire section of their website dedicated to artist interviews. This is a also great place to submit you music because they frequently add new tracks.

PopCrush offers a fresh perspective on the pop music industry. Readers come here to look for new artists that continue the pop tradition in new and unique ways. They have an active following and would be a great place for you to submit your music. 

Top 18 Pop Music Blogs & Websites (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

In context of a music blog, it's not bad to have some strict rules. It actually helps focus the music and cultivates a stronger, more loyal audience. As long as you follow the guidelines clearly stated on their page, you can get your music discussed on this page.

Essentially Pop focuses on independent pop musicians. They offer high-quality publicity to an audience that is looking for the next indie pop all-star. 

This blog covers a wide range of genres. With a simple submission process found on their contact page, your music will end up shoulder to shoulder with music of all kinds, reaching a audience with varied interests and tastes.

Started in 2007, MuuMusic is a "sassy classy music blog." This is a popular blog because it often shares a unique perspective on pop music in an accessible, fun voice.

There are features on up-and-coming artists that make this a perfect blog to which you should submit your music.

Once a week, this new blog discusses new pop music as well as sharing videos and talking about news.

Top 18 Pop Music Blogs & Websites (Who Actually Want Your Submissions)

Earmilk uses SubmitHub as a way to get new music. SubmitHub lets you send your music a huge variety of blogs and is a good place spend some time. 

Once featured on a blog, it's still a big deal to be noticed. Being featured here, next to upcoming pop stars, would a huge thing for an indy career. Many people trust A Bit of Pop Music for their quality journalism and good taste.

Based in San Francisco, this blog has a wide open doors when it comes to the music they feature. They often write about songs from across the globe, bringing attention to great artists most have never heard before.

Here, writers focuses all on new pop artists, introducing fans to new talent before anyone has them on their iPod.

This blog talks about all types of pop music. Sharing their favorite songs, reporting on new music, and covering live shows. There is a lot of information on this site for pop fans, making it an excellent place for you to submit your music.

In addition to talking about new artists and their music, they write about music culture, music trends, and events in the music world. As an all-inclusive source for music journalism, they would be a great place to ask for a feature. 

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