Top 27 Youtube Music Promotion Channels (And How To Get Featured On Them!)

Top 27 Youtube Music Promotion Channels (And How To Get Featured On Them!)

Written by Jaron Lewis

When it comes to promoting your own work there are very few of us who do so with any fervour. Especially amongst the ranks of musicians. Many, many bands fade out of existence not because they are terrible – but because they aren't properly promoted.

The long and short of the matter is that to be successful in any business you need to advertise yourself...and if we creatives don't start doing so we will be overlooked and remain anonymous until we are dead and the vultures can lay claws into our work for free...

Online Advertising

On a cheerier note; there are a number of decent music promotion channels out there on Youtube that can get you noticed! Online advertising is not only the cheapest, but also gets you the most for your money.

Whether you are a business or a band the first step to getting noticed is to create a website and follow it up with social media links. If you want those big volume Youtube channels to notice you then it starts with a solid online presence. If you are looking for guaranteed Youtube video promotion, you should click the button below to check out our other article.


Build A Relationship With Promoters

Once you are a recognizable name on the internet then you need to start working on your relationships with the music promotion channels. These guys are pro music fans who are devoted to playing new tunes that need airtime, and often they will stick to a single genre or two. Research each Channel and see what their style is – don't blindly send off your tracks.

Choose your audience and start following them. Music Promotion Channel owners are far more likely to play the music of someone who has been following them for some time or who actively supports them in online forums. Show them some support and back it up with a little friendliness.

There Are Many Different Channels

Of course there are many different criteria for measuring what 'the best' music promotion channels are on YouTube, but below we have tempered those who regularly upload new music with those who have high volumes of subscribers and attempted to bring you a cross section of channels that you might try.

The Top Twenty-Seven

  1. Fearless Records: for Rock and Punk Rock. Fearless have over 1.2 million subscribers.
  2. Beats and Culture: Might have only 22k followers, but they do offer a great Hip Hop selection.
  3. UKF Dubstep: You can guess what these guys do, but they do it well and with just under 6 million subscribers.
  4. UKF Drum and Bass: The sister of the above and boasting 1.8 million followers of its own.
  5. IndieCurrent: A good channel for indie tunes, more than 117K subscribers.
  6. MrSuicideSheep: A great channel for electronic music with 4.3 million listeners.
  7. MajesticCasual: Are one of the bigger pop music promoters, with 2.8 million viewers.
  8. TrapNation: Are entirely devoted to trap music, and boast 16 million subscribers.
  9. ChillNation: Play relaxed, laid back tunes and have a huge following of 4 million.
  10. RapNation: a sister to TrapNation with 1.5 million subscribers of its own.
  11. AirwaveMusicTv - 1.1 million subscribers with a emphasis on Trap and Dubstep
  12. DubstepGutter - 2.000.000+ subscribers. One of the leading dubstep channels on YouTube.
  13. TrapMusicHDTV - 2.500.000+ subscribers Large trap channel that loves trap and future bass
  14. Trap City - 7.500.000+ subscribers One of the bigger YouTube promoters out there
  15. CloudCity - 250.000+ subscribers Loves to upload deep house, Hip Hop and indie electronic.
  16. CloudKid - 1.000.000+ subscribers One of the fastest growing channels that covers a wide range of chill indie and chill electronic.
  17. Koala Kontrol - 750.000+ subscribers Has an ear for unique sounds and catchy melodies in his submissions. Also uploads a good amount of indie in addition to electronic.
  18. Majestic Casual - 3.500.000+ subscribers. One of the original mega YouTube channels. Covers music from across the board so long as it’s ‘chill.’
  19. SOUNDISSTYLE - 350.000+ subscribers Enjoys unique music across the board spanning hip-hop, electronic, indie and more.
  20. Underground Charisma - 200.000+ subscribers Likes to support new and emerging artists in the indie, hip-hop and electronic space. Prefers chill beats and has a strong taste for hip-hop and underground.
  21. Diversity - 550.000+ subscribers Covers everything in the EDM world from indie dance to future bass to house and melodic dubstep.
  22. GalaxyMusic - 550.000+ subscribers Uploads all sorts of EDM as long as it’s uplifting and melodic. Lots of future bass and melodic dubstep here.
  23. Nik Cooper - 600.000+ subscribers Uploads three times a week, doesn’t discriminate against artists of any sizes if he likes the music.
  24. NXS - 250.000+ subscribers Tends to upload all sorts of EDM ranging from melodic to trap and more.
  25. Proximity - 4.500.000+ Currently the most popular channel in EDM today with uploads spanning from major label releases to its own Proximity Records releases.
  26. Tasty - 850.000+ subscribers. Likes unique music with an ear for supporting smaller EDM producers compared with most channels its size.
  27. WaveMusic - 300.000+ subscribers. Likes uplifting melodies and requires music with strong, catchy lyrics.



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