Top 7 Clean Music Blogs & Playlists Online

Top 7 Clean Music Blogs & Playlists Online

Written by Jaron Lewis

Finding clean music is a challenge, whether you have an aversion to swearing or you are looking to create playlists of clean music for school. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of resources available to guide you on your quest to create clean playlists online. Below, we break down the 7 best clean music blogs and playlists that are available online.

Parent Map presents you with the top albums from hip hop artists that provide clean music, for people of all ages. Rap might have a bad reputation, but that doesn’t include all rap- and Parent Map offers you the top 10 albums perfect to create a clean hip hop music playlist 2017. This is the perfect tool for parents, as well as teachers looking to provide their students with clean music for school.

Decaf Hip Hop offers underground music that has been edited for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately, the majority of these lesser known artists can’t afford to produce edited versions like the big names do. However, Decaf Hip Hop does the hard work so that you don’t need to! Don’t worry, though, you won’t miss out on the big names, because you will find them listed, too.

This website could not be simpler to use, there’s a search bar so you can easily narrow down your search. The music is already broken down into categories of new music, as well as broken into genre. Better yet, the website provides you with a song cleaner. All you need to do is upload the song of your choice and the website will clean it for you! If you prefer, you can specifically make a request for a clean version of any particular track.

8 Tracks provides you with numerous clean playlists that you can stream straight from the website. Whether you’re looking for an exercise mix, the perfect playlist for babysitting, for spring cleaning, or you just want the perfect playlist for the classroom- it’s all there for you to choose from.

Common Sense Media offers a range of child friendly options, whether it’s movies, books, or: music. Browse the clean hip hop options by age, whether you’re looking for appropriate tunes for ages 8 to 9, 10-12, or 13 and over.

2. Jango

Jango is essentially the clean Spotify. It functions in much the same way, however, there are a wide variety of clean playlists that you can choose to listen to, no matter what genre you prefer, or what type of crowd you are looking to entertain and please.

This brings us to the number 1 top clean music option online today. Add This Music encompasses every genre, and offers a wide range of music and artists that you can subscribe to. It shows you the perfect playlist for you, whether you use Spotify, YouTube, or SoundCloud to play your tunes. Find the perfect playlist for every occasion.



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