Top Concert Promoters Every Independent Artist Should Know

Top Concert Promoters Every Independent Artist Should Know

Written by Jaron Lewis

As an independent artist, you do not get the same luxuries as a signed artist does, including having famous concert promoters working for them. This means that you want to find the list of top concert promoters that can help spread the word about your upcoming shows. This will help you by offering a concert promoters list so that you can maximize your chances of selling out your shows.

Live Nation is one of the most popular places for concert promotion. To put what they do into perspective, in a single year this organization grossed over $2 million through about 2,700 shows that brought in 28 million attendees. This is a monster house company that has really excelled in their field.

Here is another company that has excelled at concert promotions, though they may not be quite as big as Live Nation. AEG Live earned about $918,000 for 2,7491 shows and 10.3 million attendees.

While Live Nation and AEG Live are big name companies in concert promotion, Another Planet is making waves as an independent concert promotion company. They have found a great deal of success due to lucrative deals with local venues, forming a mutually beneficial relationship that can be very useful for independent artists.

This is another company that is independent from some of the larger promotional companies. They often work with another independent company NS2, a relationship that has definitely benefited the artists that work with these companies. You are going to hear a lot more from this company as they keep making waves in the industry of concert promotion.

Beaver Productions has worked with such big name artists as Michael Bublé, which shows you just how effective that they have been in the industry. In 2014, this company grossed about $42.5 million through their work.

A lot of promoters have found that a specific niche is the way for them to make the most money. For C3, they found a specific talent when it comes to promoting music festivals. Most notably, this is the company that is responsible for reviving the popular Lollapalooza festival. Due to how successful this company has been with making music festivals thrive, the much larger concert promoter Live Nation has offered to acquire this company for $125 million.


These are really only a few of the concert promoters that have made a big name for themselves in the industry. If you are just starting out, you may want to try to see what your options are locally to start building up a name for yourself to attract the attention of these larger promoters.

Concert promotions are going to be quite essential in finding a larger fan base for your music. A concert promoter is essentially like a marketing team for your music, bringing attention to your music that you may not be able to get on your own.



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