Top iTunes Music Marketing And Promotion Companies: How To Legitimately Increase Sales

Top iTunes Music Marketing And Promotion Companies: How To Legitimately Increase Sales

Written by Jaron Lewis

The world of music has changed dramatically in the last few years, with online music taking off in such a huge way. Traditional CDs have pretty much been shown the door, as the more convenient streaming or downloading options, the lack of a physical object to store or break or lose, and the instantaneous nature of the online music world have hooked swathes of consumers.

This can be great for independent artists, who have an opportunity to get out there and get their music heard, but finding ways to increase iTunes sales and promote your music can be very difficult with so much noise out there.

There Are Many Options

There are many iTunes promotion companies in existence, who understand iTunes music marketing and how to get people clicking and downloading songs. iTunes is an incredibly popular music platform, particularly because of its compatibility with Apple products, so getting your music high up on their list could make you a lot of money.

Whatever your music genre, you could benefit from using one of these promotion companies, who will tailor their advertising and strategy to your music, rather than delivering a blanket service to everyone.

Most of these production companies will work on previously released songs as well as new pieces, allowing you to create a buzz around all of your productions, and sustain sales on a song which has promise. There are other strategies which you could try to get your song seen and heard; for example, advertise on iTunes’ front page, which will be seen by hundreds of users when they sign into the store with the intention of spending money.

Our Top Affordable Options

However, if you want more low-budget ways of increasing your sales, you could consider looking at and hiring skilled freelancers, who know how to boost traffic and attention without costing you a fortune. For example, Emily 1991 promises real clicks and exposure for your music, with an affordable price.

Similarly, Alexander1515 works to promote independent artists and help them get their work seen and heard on iTunes, as well as promising exposure via social media. You can select from a number of different options so you’ll be sure of getting the marketing package which best suits your music promotion needs.

Alternatively, you could try edmupdaily who uses social media to increase your sales and viewers. They target your audience via Instagram and Facebook ads to get the best exposure possible.


In Conclusion

Whatever your needs in terms of iTunes promotion, there are lots of legitimate, safe ways to increase your music sales and boost your revenue. Contacting freelancers has the benefit of up-front prices, direct contact with your marketer, and quick turnaround, but you can also look at online advertising and social networking as ways forward.

If you prefer to go with a company, there are plenty who have the knowledge and contacts to get more people downloading your songs.



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