Top Music Industry Companies Looking For Employees

Top Music Industry Companies Looking For Employees

Written by Jaron Lewis

If you are passionate about music then you have likely considered a music industry career but you don’t know who is hiring or how the music industry works.  Now that the music industry is recovering due to live streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud, there are many startup companies that are stealing the spotlight or you can find a record labels list to seek out companies that are looking for employees.

Whatever you're looking for, we got you!

Some of these jobs are remote, so if you don't live near the home office, don't let that discourage you from applying!

This startup company was founded in 2010 and is changing the way artists get exposure to hundreds of millions of fans. They are on a mission to help independent artists create sustainable careers by working with larger companies like Google and Spotify.

Employees love working for BandPage because they get to listen to whatever music they want to all day via a DJ system pump. It sounds like Nirvana for heavy music fans!

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Sony is one of the biggest labels in the United States and is hiring right now for positions in Los Angeles, New York City, Tennessee, and Florida. Some of the jobs they are hiring for are:

  •        Marketing Assistant
  •        IT Strategy Consultant
  •        Promotions Manager
  •        Sales Manager
  •        Accounting Manager
  •        Art Director
  •        Internships

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One of the top three music labels in the United States, Universal Music Group operates in sixty countries in “recording, publishing, merchandising, and artist management” according to their website. They currently have listings in major cities around the world such as London, Santa Monica, and Hollywood. Jobs they are hiring for include:

  •        Digital Interns
  •        Marketing Coordinator
  •        Production Managers
  •        Brand Analyst Insight Managers
  •        Marketing Assistant
  •        Research Managers

image via Universal Music Group

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The last of the top three music groups in the United States, Warner Music Group is focused on building a diverse workforce of dedicated and highly talented professionals that will help them to build their brand and the future of their company. Not too many jobs are listed on their website at the moment. They currently have job openings all over the world in the following areas:

  •        Marketing and social media strategy
  •        Finance
  •        Digital Sales
  •        eCommerce

Many of the major record labels are actually owned by one of the big three that we talked about above (Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group). These include:

  •        Island/Def Jam Records
  •        Aftermath
  •        Epic
  •        Atlantic
  •        Cash Money Billionaire Records
  •        Motown Records
  •        Shady Records
  •        Abbey Road Studios
  •        Decca
  •        Bravado
  •        Capitol Music Group
  •        Virgin Records
  •        Artium
  •        Blue Note
  •        Deep Well Records

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Music Startups That Are Hiring

iZotope (Cambridge. Massachusetts): Founded in 2001, this company has worked with Grammy winners and musicians from fifty countries. They have jobs open in products, sales, and sound engineering.

SeatGeek (New York City): This company is a search engine for finding tickets at concerts and sporting events. The cool thing about working here as a music lover is you would have first dibs on deals that open up on concert tickets. They have jobs available in: Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, and many more.

Avid music lovers all over the world are looking for jobs in the music industry. The key is to get noticed by standing out from the crowd in any way you can to make sure hiring managers see you. Getting your foot in the door is what you should shoot for so you can get hired into your dream job when it comes available.   

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