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Talent Agencies: What They Are & What They Do

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Written by Ramsey Brown.

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.”

There are multiple people in this world who possess extraordinary talents. If you are reading this article, it’s safe for me to assume that you are one of them. Though we are very fortunate to be born as creatives, it also comes with a great expectancy.

As a talented individual with big ambitions, it can be hard figuring out how to exactly hone in on your craft. Oftentimes, creatives find it difficult to to operate in a traditional 9-5 work environment - and that is totally normal. If you have an artistic gift, it should never lay idle. 

Some people get lucky and fulfill their passions immediately in life, but (most) others have to search to find where they fit in and seek alternative routes to achieve their dreams. If you are wanting to live up to your full creative potential, then seeking out a talent agency may be the right path to get you there. 

Finding the right talent agency could be the difference between you turning your dreams into a reality, or staying complacent with an unrewarding job. It’s time for you to stop wasting your talent, and start looking for an agent who can showcase your expertise in a better way. 

With so many talent agencies out there, it’s not as hard as it seems to convert your dreams into reality. We’re going to discuss some top-notch agencies and the positives, negatives, and overall working structure behind them. This information will help you make a more informed decision when taking the next step towards your aspiring career. 

What are Talent Agencies? 

"Great things are never done by one person."

Before heading further, it is essential to know the basic definition of this concept and its working mechanism. A talent agency, or sometimes referred to as a booking agency, is an entity that finds actors, authors, film directors, musicians, sportspeople, models, professional athletes, writers, and other professionals. 

After seeing the talented individuals and signing a legal contract, agencies will launch them into broadcast, sports, or other entertainment type roles. In most cases, talent does not work alone. It’s essential to seek out a talent agency to find work and for overall smooth functioning.

Who is a Talent Agent?

A talent agent is the liaison between a talented professional and an employer. A talent agent represents professionals like musicians, actors, athletes, writers, or performers, and are considered the gatekeepers to their clients career. 

Agents take on the responsibility to promote the best interests of their clients and have the ability to reshape and reconstruct the client's professional image and career. They are dealmakers who assist with many different interactions and make a percentage of the talent’s earnings.  

The description of a Talent Agent’s job duties include some of the following:

  • Represents the best interest of talent and promotes their potential.

  • Finds paid work or prospective employers for the talent.

  • Handles majority of all interactions between talent and employer. 

  • Communicates and negotiates deals on behalf of client.

  • Advises client on how to create their professional image or brand.

  • Upholds marketing abilities and strong connections in the industry where he wants to launch the new talent.

  • Make efforts to create a successful career for their talent who is struggling to achieve their dreams or get hired.

Top Talent Agencies 

Now that you know what a talent agency does, it’s good to recognize some of the top agencies working in the United  States. Though you may not ever work with one of these industry heavyweights, understanding how these leaders operate can help you make a better decision when establishing your creative career.

United Talent Agency (UTA) 

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Paradigm Talent Agency (PTA)

United Talent Agency (UTA)

Operating in 6 different locations including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, New York, London, Miami, Nashville, and London - UTA is one of the leading talent agency companies in the world today. They now have over 900 employees and represent some of the most acclaimed figures in the entertainment industry. Their impressive roster includes names such as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Owen Wilson, Channing Tatum, and more. 

UTA represents and specializes in the following categories of talent:  

  • Music 

  • Film 

  • Television 

  • Comedy

  • Digital books 

  • Video games 

  • Branding, licensing and franchising

  • Marketing & fine arts 

  • Broadcasting and news industry 

History of United Talent Agency

Established in 1991 through the merger of Bauer-Benedek Agency and Leading Artists Agency, the company began with 10 partners and 40 agents. In the early stages, they were known for providing mostly entry-level jobs and described by the LA Times as “among the most coveted documents in wannabe Hollywood”. 

The company quickly expanded and by the early 2000’s their roster included names such as Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Will Ferrell, and more. Now described in the media as one of Hollywood’s ‘Big Four’ talent agencies, the company has well established itself as an industry tastemaker.

UTA has worked with some of the most prestigious clients and partners in the entertainment sector and has continued to grow exponentially in their 29 years of business.

Significant Achievements 

Based on their accomplishments and success rate, it’s safe to say that UTA is not going anywhere, anytime soon. With considerable achievements happening day by day, these following points will help illustrate the company’s magnitude.  

  • 2014 - acquired N.S. Bienstock (one of the largest television industries) for the talent of television division.

  • 2014 - created a new publishing unit to publish books by the online entertainers. 

  • 2015 - acquired TAG, the world’s largest independent agency groups.

  • 2017 - acquired a Greater Talent Network that focused on public speaking engagements.

  • 2017 - acquired an equity stake in the investment banking firm AGM.

  • 2017 -  named "Hollywood's Seven Most Powerful Talent Agencies" in the New York Observer.

  • 2018 - acquired Circle Talent Agency, which focuses on dance and electronic music.

  • 2019 - partnered with NBA agent Rich Paul to start a sports division.

  • 2020 - UTA Foundation pledged $1 million to social justice causes.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Since forming in 1975, Creative Artists Agency is one of the largest talent agencies in the world, employing several thousand agents with a huge roster of A-list clients. CAA is based out of Los Angeles but has a global network of employees and partners across North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. 

The company advocates diversity and represents talent among the following categories:

  • Music 

  • Film 

  • TV

  • Sports 

  • Design

  • Fashion

  • Comedy

  • Theater 

  • Broadcast

  • Video Games 

  • Politicians 

  • Culinary

  • Architecture 

  • Online Influencers

  • +more 

History of Creative Artists Agency

CAA was founded in 1975 after 5 agents from the William Morris Agency decided to branch off and create their own company. Their early plan was to be a medium-sized talent agency with focus mainly on sports. By the mid-1990’s, CAA had employed 550 people and saw a revenue growth of $150 million. 

This company has been credited for many notable collaborations in the entertainment world and praised for their ability to package talent for movies and projects. 

After achieving such landmarks of success, CAA eventually expanded their operations into advertising, telecommunications, investment banking, brand marketing, digital media, philanthropy and more. 

Now the company has around 3,400+ clients and includes names like Lady Gaga, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Fallon, Tom Cruise, David Beckham and more. Creative Artists Agency has proved themselves as trailblazers and a dominant force in the talent industry. 

Like most major companies, CAA has had its fair share of ups and downs within the press. Even through trials and tribulations, there is no denying the major accomplishments this company has seen in the past 46 years.

Significant Achievements 

  • 1992 - spearheaded marketing campaign for Coca-Cola

  • 1995 - grabbed the title of “most powerful agency.”

  • 1996 - Founded CAA Foundation to create positive social change 

  • 1998 - established CAA Marketing 

  • 2003 - opened New York City office to manage theater clients 

  • 2015 - became top revenue producer in the sports division, earning 215 million dollars.

  • 2016 - hired over 1,800 employees

Paradigm Talent Agency (PTA)

Paradigm is an American full-service entertainment agency with offices in Los Angeles,  New York, London, Chicago, Toronto, Monterey, Nashville, Berkeley and Austin. With more than 200 employees on staff, PTA grabs the third spot on our list of notable agencies. 

They have a 30-year track record of cultivating artists and creating huge opportunities for the clients they represent. Their roster features author Stephen King, Actor Henry Golding, Director James Wan, and Musicians like Coldplay, Halsey and Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

PTA provides global representation to diverse artists and content creators industries including:

  • TV 

  • Music

  • Film 

  • Theater 

  • Book Publishing 

  • Commercial/Voice Over 

  • Content Finance 

  • Media Rights 

  • Brand Partnerships

  • +more

History of Paradigm Talent Agency 

The story began in 1986, when Sam Gores opened up his first agency in Beverly Hills under the name SGA Representation. Years down the road, Gores made strategic moves by acquiring multiple other talent agencies and in 1992, Paradigm Talent Agency was born.  

Since then PTA has continued to grow exponentially and has expanded the company to a world class talent agency that is known across the globe. Through their vast expansions and joint partnerships, Paradigm Talent Agency has left a forever footprint on the music industry we know today

Significant Achievements 

2004 - acquired the literary firm Genesis and the Writers & Artists Agency

2004 - acquired independent music agency Monterey Peninsula Artists

2006 - acquired New York based music booking agency, Little Big Man

2008 - acquired Ellis Industries, leading independent music agency from New York

2009 - acquired Third Coast Artists Agency, the largest independent Christian Music Agency

2012 - partnered with AM Only, a leading Electronic Dance Music agency whose client list includes David Guetta, Skrillex and Tiësto.

2014 - acquired a 50% stake in the London-based Coda Agency

2016 - won the Pollstar Award for Booking Agency of the Year

2018 - won the Pollstar Award for Booking Agency of the Year

2019 - won the Pollstar Award for Booking Agency of the Year

2020 - won the Pollstar Award for Booking Agency of the Year

Submission Guide

Most agencies do not accept unsolicited submission. It’s more likely an agent will find you before you find them. It is beneficial for the talent to already have placement in a prominent role or performance in order to get the attention of a big time agent. 

Luckily, managers and management companies have industry connections and may be able to get you in contact with an agent sooner. If you don’t already have a manager, you may want to seek one out before trying to find an agent. 

If you are a stand alone talent with no representation, it is always beneficial to attend any business events, film festivals, conferences, or other networking opportunities that could potentially help you make industry connections. 

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