What Are Track Out Wav Files & Why Do Artists Need Them?

What Are Track Out Wav Files & Why Do Artists Need Them?

Written by Jaron Lewis

Track out WAV files by definition are sounds in a beat that have been singled out and placed in individual files.  This means that if you have different instruments and drums etc. you take each one from the track and place it alone in its own file to be used later.  Once they are all separated, then you can use the individual tracks to manipulate the songs. For convenience they are all the same length so you don’t have to look for the right part at the right time, they are already lined up.  But again, you can use them somewhere else as well (with permission of course unless they are your own).

Just for reference, know that this isn’t the only name that they use, they also use other names such as trackouts, track separation, individuals WAVS, etc.  But every single one of these names is the same thing.

How To Get The Track Out Waves When Buying A Beat

Most producers will sell their beats in different licenses or options.

For example, I sell my beats in 4 different packages: Premium, Premium + Track Outs, Unlimited, & Exclusive.

Premium means that you'll get the untagged mp3 and wav of the instrumental.

Premium + Trackouts means you'll get the untagged mp3, wav, and individual instrument files for mixing (track out).

Unlimited means you'll also get the premium + track outs license, but there are no limits to how many copies you can sell or how many streams you can monetize (Spotify , YouTube, etc.) with the license.

Exclusive means you get all the benefits of the unlimited license and purchase the rights to the instrumental. No one else will be able to buy the instrumental at any license after you purchase this option.

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Why Do Artists Need These?

In simple terms, it makes altering the background under the vocals easier.  Consider this; if you have a song and the instrumentals are all together and the vocals are all together, then whatever you change in one file changes everything.

So if you want to turn down the background strings and raise the bass, there is no way to do that without altering everything. Having individual files of each individual component means that you can freely alter each individual component of the music. As a serious artist, this is the best way to have the beats done, it produces better quality music for the end product.

Image Via Waves

Do You Have To Own The Beats?

The short answer, no.  A trackout lease by definition means that you have the rights to use the beats for a certain amount of time or certain amount of uses.  So if you are creating a track and you have the trackouts, you have to ensure that you are using it within your rights. Maybe there is a distribution limit, or if you can use it commercially.

Whatever the case may be, leasing does have its limits (like leasing a car for example). If you want unlimited control for beats, then you need to purchase exclusive rights, which can get expensive.

How To Track Out A Beat In Fl Studio

Now if you are doing it on your own you can export and track out beats in FL Studio. If you want the best quality you will want to same them in a WAV file. The quick way to do this is to identify and assign each of the individual sounds to its own channel.  Once that is complete, then you easily can export the beats to individual WAV files.

When you label them they should be easily identifiable.  This is the common software for someone to use when tracking out beats because it’s easy to use and well received in the industry.  Ideally, if you are looking to make and sell your beats, this is your best bet, knowing how to separate them for optimal usability.




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