What Is Mumble Rap And Is It Killing Hip Hop?

What Is Mumble Rap And Is It Killing Hip Hop?

Written by Jaron Lewis

Mumble rap is the latest trend in the genre. Mumble rap artists have taken the industry by storm but you may be wondering if it is killing Hip Hop. Only you can say for sure, but by closely looking at mumble rap examples and what makes up a mumble rap song you can get a great idea for what this type of rap entails. We will also take a look at a list of mumble rappers that you may or may not already be familiar with.

Where Did It Come From?

Mumble rap is a type of rap where the lyrics are mumbled together in an incoherent manner. There are a few reasons why this style of rap may exist. The main thing that everyone knows is that this style of rap came from the South and eventually spread to such hotspots as New York and Chicago. So how did mumble rap become a thing?

How It Started

There are a few different elements that are typically believed to influence this style of rap. One big reason is the famous drawl that comes from the South, which can affect the clarity of pronunciation of the lyrics. Another reason is the popularity of “lean” in this culture. When you consume this drug, which is essentially a codeine cocktail, it can slur your speech and cause you to be incoherent when speaking.

There are so many different rappers that have helped make this sub-genre as popular as it is today.

We Miss Traditional Rap

The important thing to remember is that there is still a very strong place for the more traditional models of rap. Rap, much like many other genres, is constantly undergoing an evolution that creates sub-categories of the genre. Gangsta Rap and other styles are evidence of this evolution. Every rapper seems to put their own spin on the genre.

For instance, Jay-Z has a very smooth flow style of rap that was once not appreciated by his peers until he broke through and made a name for himself. Mumble rap is following this same model of being dismissed as not viable but still exploding in popularity.

List Of Mumble Rappers

Here is a list of the most famous of these types of rappers:

These are only a few names of mumble rappers that have made a name for themselves, though there are many more that have helped to shape this genre subgroup.

It's Most Likely Here To Stay

Do not expect this genre to go away anytime soon. For the most part, this genre is still gaining a lot of popularity from fans much to the dismay of the more traditionalist rap fans. There are a lot of traditionalists that feel as though mumble rap is ruining hip hop and that these artists have no right to call themselves rappers.

Music is all about the fans who are listening to it and in this case, the beauty is really in the ear of the beholder. Rap is all about the lyrics, no matter how they are said.



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