10 Tips From Woman In The Music Industry To Women Entering The Industry

10 Tips From Woman In The Music Industry To Women Entering The Industry

Written by Jaron Lewis

Sometimes women in the music industry can be treated poorly and undervalued. Checkout these 10 tips from women in the music industry for women entering the music industry to ensure success and longevity.

1. Do Not Let Negative Judgments Bother You

There will always be negative judgments in the music industry. Plenty of people will hone in on your gender and lead you to realize the issue of gender inequality in the music industry. There will also be jealousy from many women in the industry. Don’t let it upset you.

2. Avoid Being The Jealous Type

If you fall into being jealous, you will end up creating an orb of negativity while also making enemies. Worry about yourself and the accomplishments that you can strive for, and feel happy for those around you.

Be the best you can be, and do not worry about being jealous. Women in the music industry tend to get dragged down by jealousy.

3. Protect Your Work

Make sure to keep your work safe. Doing your job well is obviously a key to being successful in the industry, something that plays a huge part in that is making sure you receive proper credit for the work you do. Sexism in the music industry statistics state that the music industry is dominated 68% male to 32% female. Be careful not to let yourself end up cornered because of your gender.

4. Be Strong And Protect Yourself

It can be difficult to stand up for yourself, especially once you get close to people. Do not be afraid to be strong. As women in the music industry, you may have to face harsh male pressures.

5. Feel Confident

While many times you may feel as though you are under great pressure, remember to keep yourself confident. Practicing self-love is an important aspect. Look in the mirror and see yourself and all of your worth. Be sure to feel proud of yourself in all you do.

6. Stay On Track

As a woman in the music industry, there will be many moments to get knocked off course. Gender inequality in the music industry can leave you making tough decisions. Stay focused and on track without feeling the need to stray off course.

7. Keep Things Platonic

Gender inequality in the music industry can lead to sticky situations – but try to keep business relationships just that. Mixing business and romance can complicate things heavily.

8. Do Not Pretend To Know More Than You Know

Pretending you know more than you do merely leads you to uncomfortable situations. Make sure to represent yourself accurately.

9. Be Comfortable

Let your talent shine and feel comfortable in your environment. Women in the music industry tend to end up feeling nervous about being an industry full of men. If you are comfortable with your talent and are aware of your worth, you will succeed much more easily.

10. Do Not Use Your Gender To Compete

Remember that if you want to women in the music industry to experience equality, you want to strive towards equality as well. Do not create a double standard or be hypocritical. You want to work to make things the best you can in an unequal environment.  



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