17 Best Apps For Musicians On iPhone, iPad, And Android

17 Best Apps For Musicians On iPhone, iPad, And Android

Written by Jaron Lewis

With a whole category dedicated to music apps in the app store/play store it can be hard to tell which ones are the best. Some are better for recording, others for editing, and some are great for use on stage. A few are just all around good apps for musicians in general. Since there are so many options, here is a list of the best apps for musicians on Android and iPhone.

The List

  1. GarageBand free in the App Store- a recording platform offering a collection of touch instruments
  2. GroupMe free in both stores- This app is essential in communication between band members. Just form a group and instantly all of you can text at in a group setting.
  3. SoundCloud free in both stores- This app is great for posting your music on a popular music sharing interface. Gain popularity using SoundCloud
  4. Trello- free in both app stores- This app is a person task manager. Keep all your chores and to-dos in order with Trello.
  5. Houdini Playlist Transfer $2.99 in both stores – Create playlists and easily have them transferred between music sharing services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and others through Houdini Playlist Transfer.
  6. Bandsintown Concerts free in both stores- Post your gigs to the popular concert app to let more people know about where and when you go on stage.
  7. Notion $14.99 in the App Store – The best-selling notation app in the App Store for five years now, Notion works on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It is a free and easy music creation app that allows easy and capable music sharing across multiple devices.
  8. iMaschine $4.99 in the App Store- This cool app gives you 16 pads to create sweet beats, loop, and record to make the perfect sampler.
  9. forScore $9.99 in the App Store- this neat app will is a library of sheet music that can be downloaded and saved in the app. Perfect for any musician as it has scores for a plethora of instrument.
  10. Yousician free in both stores- a quick teaching tool to learn piano, guitar, bass, or ukulele.
  11. Animoog $29.99 in the App Store- Animoog provides a professional phonic synthesizer for the iPad. Though it is expensive, this app gives you everything you’d want from a real synthesizer for much cheaper price.
  12. Cleartune $3.99 in both stores- tuner for multiple instruments ranging from today modern hits to classical baroque instruments.
  13. Equalizer+ premium $3.99 in both stores- Best equalizer in the stores. Easily add that much needed treble or balance out that bass with Equalizer+.
  14. Riffstation- Have you ever been practicing a cover of a song and it just isn’t sound quite right? With Riffstation, the app will listen to the music and tell you what chord are being played to allow you get that song down perfect.
  15. Slick Metronome Free in both stores- This app the best metronome app on the market.
  16. iRealb $12.99 in the Play Store- one of the best apps for practicing on the market. An easy –to-use solutions for musicians. It plays a real sounding band accompaniment to help you practice without your friends.
  17. HD Audio Recorder free in the Play Store – One of the easiest recording apps to use. Quickly cut save and edit your recordings with HD Audio Recorder.


Of course these are just the Top 17 apps in our opinion, if you have an app you think should be included please drop a comment for us at the bottom of the page or shoot us a message. We really hope this list will help you with your day to day music app needs.



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