5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Music Band Photographer

5 Steps To Finding The Perfect Music Band Photographer

Written by Jaron Lewis

Every band needs a great photographer to capture all of their prime moments on the stage and off it. We have assembled a guide of the 5 steps to finding the perfect music band photographer to make it easy for you, enjoy.

Use Social Media

Social media platforms are the best way to find a band photographer. Instagram should be at the top of your list as most photographers will use that to showcase their work. Secondly, would be Pinterest. Although this social platform found its footing among crafters, it’s a wonderful way to share photos easily. Lastly, would be anything else.

Facebook can be used to find photographers associated with an event, but they will usually have their work showcased on Instagram, Pinterest or their personal website. In addition to their photos, Facebook is a good way to see what kind of concerts they cover (if they are that kind of photographer). Have they don’t a variety of concerts, or a specific type? This is where you should decide what kind of photographer you want, within the confines of a band photographer.

Recruit College Students

When you’re tight on money, recruiting photography students from a film or art school can lower the price significantly or get you work for free. Most students are looking to get experience, so you if can give them non-monetary benefits, outside of experience, it will be easy to find a band photographer.

A few incentives to offer are: expanding their networking sphere and allowing them to use the photos for their class projects. Be sure to look for upper undergraduate or graduate students to recruit. Freshmen and sophomores will most likely lack the experience you will need.

Effectively Use The Internet

Outside of social media, other sites on the internet are great for recruiting band photographers. Sites such as Indeed, Craigslist and Simply Hired host thousands of photographers that are looking for work. In addition, you can scour popular message boards like Reddit to find people in your area that are looking for photography jobs.

Depending on the scale of your event, you can hire a photographer without experience servicing a concert. This will likely save you money and may give you a unique perspective that will help your band stand out.

Speak To Various Photographers

Speaking of message boards, be sure to speak to photographers from different backgrounds. Get their take on concert photography and see if they are interested in working for you. Unlike other professions, photography has a wide area of potential experience.

Just because someone is a fashion photographer, doesn’t mean they will make a poor band photographer. In addition, going to networking events that are likely to have photographers is a great way to meet people to recruit.

Professional Photographers Vs Amateurs

At this point, you will need to decide who to trust with the job. Smartphones have essentially made everyone an amateur photographer, and many photographers (especially new ones) may not have the equipment you’d associate with a photographer, they may just have a smartphone.

However, don’t discount smartphones entirely. If you can find the right person who can really work with a smartphone and your event doesn’t require special lighting, they could get the job done.


Finding the right band photographer doesn’t have to be hard. Following these tips will help you find the right person for the job.



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