7 Best Vocal Coaches for Top Notch Singing Lessons Online

7 Best Vocal Coaches for Top Notch Singing Lessons Online

Written by Cameron Mayo

Whether it’s with friends and family or starting a band, being able to sing confidently is a very useful skill. Notice I say “confidently” and not “beautifully.” Confidence is at the core of any good singer. Just as with any new skill, learning to sing takes some bravery. Once you are able to open your mouth and see what your voice sounds like, only then can you get to improving that voice.

To make sure you don’t end up injuring yourself, it is best to study with a teacher. Below, I’ve listed the 7 best free online vocal coaches (and a couple paid ones) to help you improve your singing.

Best Free Online Singing Lessons

For those of you looking to try out voice lessons before spending money on a teacher, Quick Singing Tips is a great series to follow. Breaking up the art of singing into small, bite-sized videos this channel is dedicated to teaching techniques to improve your singing in simple ways. Their videos focus on one little aspect of the voice at a time and can certainly start you in the right direction. You can start watching their videos by clicking the button below.


Another great, free option is Carl John Franz. An excellent online vocal coach, he discusses exercises to help you improve your singing. It’s a very measured and technique focused approach. Although it’s much more fun to belt out your favorite songs and call that practicing, doing these exercises will give you a solid technical foundation which is important for improvement. Click the button below to dive into his lessons.


Tristan Paredes covers a variety of different vocal styles and teaches with lots of examples. If you feel yourself trending toward one particular style of singing, it’s a good idea to find a specialist in that style. However, for anyone just starting out or someone crossing over to a new style, a teacher with a knowledge of multiple styles is a good call.

His reaction videos show a singer performing and Tristan’s response to that performance. This is a very common way group lessons are taught at every level of singing education. You can start watching his videos online, for free today.


This is another teacher who is able to teach all kinds of styles on singing. Ken Tamplin is an online vocal coach offering great instructional videos and cover songs. He also offers one-on-one coaching vie webcam and in-studio lesson in either Hawaii or LA. While he sells DVDs, e-books, and online courses, he also a wealth of information for free on YouTube. You can get started with his content, here:


This channel, with over half a million subscribers, offers great resources to singing students. With a wide variety of material available, it will be the vocal warm up and technique videos that you will want to use most. Though not updated as regularly as the aforementioned channels, it is still worth checking out his content. Lot’s of these lessons are foundational and good for both the beginner and the expert. You can go to his channel via the button below.


Best Paid Online Singing Lessons

While there is clearly a good amount of great free online resources available. The best online vocal coaches often teach paid courses. So, if you’re willing to spend some money, here are some of the courses we recommend.

This course, hosted on the reliable education platform Udemy, covers everything you need to teach yourself to sing. It was made by an online vocal coach with over 20 years’ experience. This comprehensive course is a great resource for learning how to sing. Enroll today here:


Also hosted on Udemy, this course is great for giving you a quick introduction to an essential element of modern music, riffs and runs. These fun additions to whatever song you are singing is a great way to liven up a performance. Offering exercises to teach you new vocal skills, this course is a great way of improving your singing. Get started here:



This list has some amazing resources you can use to improve your singing, no matter what level of singer you are. Whether a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, these teachers will be sure to help you understand more about the art of singing and show how to improve your own singing voice. So, visit a few of these pages and get singing today! Good luck and I can’t wait to hear you sing.

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