7 Famous Bedroom Producers (And What To Copy From Their Strategies)

famous bedroom producers

Written by Jaron Lewis

Thanks to technology today, you do not have to have any fancy equipment to make your music. You can search all about Bedroom producers on Reddit and look up bedroom producer’s blogs-free samples to learn more about this underground industry and what you can do to be a part of this movement.

There are a lot of bedroom producers that you can learn from to see just how they have found success without using the more conventional methods of making music.

This young Canadian bedroom producer uses layers of alternative R&B to create hidden gems in the music world. He uses two rooms in a basement to create his music. One room is there to give the essence of calm, offering an environment conducive to creativity.

The other room is for live-tracking. Having these separate spaces can allow for you to relax and come up with ideas for music without feeling forced or pressured.

Matthewdavid is a very unique artist that has become quite popular but still prefers to make his music in his home. He originally started out by soundproofing his bedroom to create his first few albums when he was just in high school. He prefers to use the computer rather than analog gear even now.

This producer shows that simplicity can be amazing. While he does utilize synths and drum machines, there is something special that he adds to his music to give it more depth. He goes out into the world, recording ambient noises as he goes. He then layers these into his tracks, giving his songs a little something more.

Harrison is a young artist that makes music that can appeal to various generations of people. Through hard work and the willingness to continue learning, Harrison’s music has evolved to new levels. He continues to make music in his loft-room rather than a studio, but this seems to work for him.

Most of these artists focus on beats to produce their music, but SCNTST has a unique approach that helps him stand out. He uses various “alternative” techniques to achieve his desired sound, such as using old video cameras. Thinking outside the box is always a great strategy, especially for music production.

Flume is one of the most popular bedroom producers out there. He continually posted his music under different aliases on both SoundCloud and BandCamp to get the most amount of attention. Thanks to his immense talent, this strategy worked well for him.

One of the biggest things that you can take away from this young producer is that you need to make music that you are happy with. This will help with your creativity and ensure that you love what you are doing.


Using bedroom producers free VST, you can get a lot of help with making your own music. If you are looking to break into this industry, these are some great strategies that you should be copying.



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