7 Music Industry Jobs You Can Apply For (That Actually Pay Well)

7 Music Industry Jobs You Can Apply For (That Actually Pay Well)

Written by Jaron Lewis

Much like every other industry, you will need to get entry level jobs in the music industry in order to work your way up the ranks. There are a lot more music industry jobs that pay well than you may think out there and that does not involve you to be an artist yourself. Here is a “jobs in the music industry” list that will help you find the perfect job in this industry so you can follow your dreams.

Depending on where you live will be a huge factor in the pay for this career. However, this can be a very competitive career path. If you love the idea of playing in an orchestra, move to an area like Boston where you could earn up to $132,000 a year just by playing your instrument full-time.

Not everyone wants to be a musician. You could consider a career working in radio as a disc jockey, where you can earn a living while listening to your favorite music and entertaining your listeners. If you have enough personality and knowledge about music, you can even become a personality in your own right.

For those people who love music and love to write, a career as a music journalist or critic could be exactly what you are looking for. You could even meet some of your favorite artists as you interview them.

Some people want to be a composer or arranger though others do both. A composer is someone who creates original music. An arranger will decide which instrument will play which part.

These are people who are responsible for finding new talent to bring into a label. This means that you can spend a lot of time at clubs and local shows to find the new artists. Simon Cowell did this before he became a huge reality television star.

The recording engineer works in the studio, mixing songs. They will make edits and help to craft an amazing album for their artists. This can be a great job if you have a love of technology and want to have a nice, behind the scenes job that has the potential to earn a decent amount of money.

A studio musician is a member of a backup band that helps an artist to record their music in the studio, creating the music on the albums that you love. These musicians will also accompany artists on tour or in their live shows as a backup band. There are many different types of studio musicians that you can be, depending on your preference.

There are quite a few great jobs in the music industry and a lot of these jobs do not require you to actually be a musician to succeed. The music industry is a great place for people of all skills and talents.



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