7 Perfect Gift Ideas For Music Lovers In Your Life

Written by Anna Hyde (www.themusicianlab.com)

As Christmas is just around the corner there are lots of gifts to be bought and lots of thought has to go into it because God forbid if you don’t find the right present or the person isn’t happy with the gift you’ll be the person who gives bad gifts! and no one wants to be that person.

As everyone is into one kind of music or the other let me save you the hard work and tell you 7 perfect gift ideas for music lovers.

1. Music Note Wine Glass

If you want to give your sister or mother or whoever is the homey type in your household and a music lover, these music note wine glass will be a perfect gift. Something to remind them of their passion while they have a glass of wine.

2. Personalized Guitar Pick

If the person you intend to give a gift already has a guitar and play a song or two a personalized guitar pick will be amazing. Something he can remember you by every time he plays a song you’ll be his first thought. Its a perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When someone hears your music for the first time, then they expect to experience a certain level of quality in the audio. If you are working to record from home, you need to make sure that your music is well recorded, mixed properly, and the content that you are producing is a high quality. Get your track mastered, even if it’s just a low-quality MP3.

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4. Two In One

Speaker and bottle opener for those who just can’t help but crack a beer every now and then give them this two in one device so they can enjoy a  beer and music.

5.  Signed Merchandise

If it were me, I’d scream so loud the roof would tremble. I mean getting some who loves music merchandise is pretty dope by getting signed merchandise is a whole other level.I’m rooting for this gift myself this year.

In the early teens the kids want their own instruments to start making their own music. Teens love their cool aunts that get them what their parents won’t. The parents can’t give it back ,they’ll handle the noise and you will be the best person on the face of the world.

7. Music Tickets

Well, I pretty sure that the best gift without a doubt is concert tickets to their favorite bands show. You can never go wrong with that. If you can get VIP passes that would be heaven, but if you doesn't matter.

If your friends have kids volunteer to babysit give them a night off. Trust you’ll be their best friend for life. The best thing about this gift is that age doesn’t matter, just like music is immortal, so is this opportunity to impress your loved ones sit back and watch the smile.



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