7 Golden Rules To Make Your Band Rehearsal Awesome

7 Golden Rules To Make Your Band Rehearsal Awesome

Written by Jaron Lewis

You may only have limited time to rehearse with your band so finding the best band practice techniques will help to optimize this time together. You will need some band practice ideas that are going to be useful to making all of your upcoming live gigs go amazingly well.

Rock band practice is so important not only to make sure that you nail your songs but also so that you can plan out your set list and your arrangements on stage to maximize fan retention. These tips will make your band rehearsal awesome.

1. Make Goals

If you want to have a productive rehearsal, you should set some goals for the band before going into the rehearsal. Goals are perfect to ensure that everyone stays on task, which allows you to have a more productive rehearsal. Do you have a show that you need to rehearse for? Do you have new songs? These are things that you need to think about focusing on during your rehearsal.

2. Limit Distractions

It is important that you limit how many people show up to your rehearsals and eliminate any other distractions that may come up during rehearsals, such as your phone. These distractions will take precious time away from your rehearsal times.

3. Be On Time

Another thing that can very easily eat away at your rehearsal time is if people are consistently late for their rehearsals. You want everyone to show up on time (or even early) so that you can get an adequate amount of rehearsal time in. If your band continually shows up late or not at all to rehearsals, it may be time to consider your band may be a virus.

4. Warm Up

A nice warm up can be important because it will help you perform better at your rehearsal. Every little bit is going to help you have a better rehearsal so don’t forget your warm up especially since this can help ensure that everything is plugged in properly and tuned.

5. Breaks

Long rehearsals can be pretty draining on everyone so you should remember to set aside some break time for people to regroup. This time should be used to have a snack, drink some water, and just rest for a few minutes. You may be concerned about time but breaks will clear your mind and help you get better.

6. Scheduling

Anytime that you want to ensure productivity you need to make a schedule that everyone can keep to. Plan rehearsals on days when people can show up for a longer time. It can be problematic for you if you schedule your rehearsals on a day when your fellow bandmate may have to work late. Find a time that will work best for everyone so that they can come to rehearsal focused and energized.

7. Communication

Communication is crucial to all relationships and this includes the relationships within bands. There needs to be one person that leads rehearsals to make sure that everyone stays on track.

Everyone needs to be on the same page, so it is important to voice any concerns that you may have during these sessions. Band members should be free to voice their opinions, otherwise they may feel as though their voice isn’t heard and this will make them not feel like a part of the group.



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