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7 Tricks To Get Hardcore Followers On SoundCloud

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Written by Omari

Soundcloud has become a heavy hitter over the past few years for musicians to spread their music and let the world know exactly who they are.

However, like most of these platforms, it quickly got overcrowded with a plethora of musicians fighting to get the same attention.

I'm sure you've gotten a message from someone on Twitter asking you to "check out their music". (But we all know no one ever clicks on the message if it sounds like that).

To get better, more quality Soundcloud followers, here's a few tips you can use.

1. Stop Putting All The Focus On You

Might be a shock to see that statement there at number 1, but it goes a long way in getting more followers on Soundcloud. It was meant to be a SOCIAL platform. That means you're supposed to listen to other musicians and show love on their pages.

The only reason I even have as many Soundcloud followers as I do is because I take the time to listen and value other people's music (even though Soundcloud isn't my primary platform).

2. Use The Law Of Reciprocity On Social Media

While most people just push their music all the time, I flipped this theory on its head. I actually ask to hear other people's music before I even say a word about mine. It grabs their attention and whenever you do something for someone, they're much more likely to return a favor to you as long as you're genuine about your deed.

This one works very well (especially if your music is actually good whenever people get to your page).

Also, Twitter is a very open and active platform. Facebook is a little more personal, but you can pretty much be as impersonal as you want on Twitter. Follow people who follow musicians who are well known in your genre (or sub-genre if you really want to get a concentrated list).

A good 10% are likely to follow you back.

You can then start a conversation with them about your shared interest (the artist whom you think you sound like) and ask them to listen to your stuff AFTER you've broken in the conversation. They're much more likely to listen as long as you show you care about what they care about.

3. Use A Follow To Download Tool To Increase Followers

Instead of having your songs for regular free download, you can use a couple different tools to exchange a Soundcloud follow for download. is a popular one, and it will allow you to exchange a Youtube subscribe or Soundcloud follow for a download.

Toneden is another. Same basic idea. They may have minor differences, but the end goal is to keep your hardcore fans where they belong, on your Soundcloud page!

If they like your music enough to download it, they'll have no problem following your page.

4. Don't Pay For Followers Or Plays

If people see a bunch of followers on your page, but very few song plays, they're going to know something is up. It doesn't look professional. Fans want to see a genuine person making good music.

Buying plays may be enticing with all the competition out there, but it's always best to have an organic reach with your Soundcloud audience.

5. Learn A Blogger's Language

One way to get a quick boost for plays is to be featured on a blog, but you have to know how to network with bloggers in order to be featured. This blog usually gets around 100 music submissions each day. The people who do end up being featured always have a certain number of traits though.

• They are humble when they submit. I'm completely sick and tired of someone telling me they have the hottest music out there, then I click the link and the song isn't even mixed and mastered. If your music is good, people will tell you it's good. There's no need to boast about your own work because it's obviously going to be a biased opinion.

• Their songs are high-quality. You can have all the talent in the world, but if the recording isn't pleasing to the ear, it's not getting featured. Not everyone has the big bucks to go get the best engineer in the world, but you can least make it sound decent.

• Think about what the blogger wants instead of what you want. (We talked about this in number one) Most people submit their music with one goal in mind, "How can I get more listens to my song?" Why? Because people are extremely self-centered. They want to know what's in it for them. So what do you think a blogger wants to know? The EXACT same thing. They want to know how featuring your music will benefit their site. Will it be so good that people will share it? Will it build credibility for the blog? Keep the blogger in mind whenever you submit your music.

6. Learn To Deal With Rejection

Don't be afraid to be annoying! I hear many artists say they don't want to submit their music or reach out on social media marketing because they're scared of what people will say. You're going to have to get over that.

I've had a good number of people cuss me out . But for every 1 person that does that, there's 200 who appreciate what I do. That .5% are usually the ones who don't have much sense anyway.
Whenever you try to do something big, there's always going to be the crabs in a barrel trying to bring you back down.

Just because one blog doesn't say yes right away doesn't mean that it's a no forever. Keep building those relationships the smart way (by showing more interest in their blog than in your music).

Don't kiss too much butt, but be sure to let every blog you submit know that you actually appreciate them taking the time to listen.

7. Think Big By Thinking Small

Many people go after the top blogs. Now I may get 100 free music submissions a day, but I'm still able to keep up with those for the most part. Don't forget the little things when you submit to stand out!

Use a first name in the subject line if the blog doesn't want state they want anything specific. If someone puts my first name in the subject line, it's almost guaranteed to get opened.


It shows someone actually took the time to do their homework. I've gotten featured on a good number of sites simply by showing that I care about the site I'm submitting to.

Don't forget the smaller blogs either. Some people might only get 10 music submissions per day. Those are the people who are probably the most attentive and ready to feature your music.

The big dogs already get enough attention. Try going to maybe the 2nd or 3rd page of the Google search page whenever you're looking for blogs who accept submissions.

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