Artists Who Have The Best Live Performances Do These 5 Things

Artists Who Have The Best Live Performances Do These 5 Things

Written by Jaron Lewis

Have you ever seen a live performance and been completely blown away? Have you ever thought that you were incapable of ever performing like that? The truth is, it’s all an allusion. Performers have a set of tips and tricks that work for them that helps them focus and do their best.

Just like athletes, doctors, and anyone else needing to focus to do their best work. You can apply these same tricks to improve your own focus and performance; it’s easy.

Exude Confidence

The absolute key to a good performance is confidence. You have to feel confident that you will do a good job, that you will try your hardest, and that you will remain focused and put on a phenomenal show. That focus is evident to the audience and definitely leaves a positive impression.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You can’t perform your best if you’re not at your best. You need to get a good night’s sleep before any major performance. If you’re tired, your performance can suffer. You can appear sluggish, lazy, or just like you don’t care if you aren’t at your peak state. Getting good sleep is crucial to your best performance.

Save Their Voice

The best performers tend to try to save their voices before a performance and vocal remedies. By this, I mean that they try to speak as little as possible in order to have their best quality voice at the performance and give the best performance they can. After all, fans paid good money to see them perform; how could they let them down?

Avoid Loud Places

Being around loud crowds or loud environments of any sort can put a strain on your vocal chords. This can cause a raspier sound or potentially an inability to sing at all. By avoiding loud surroundings, singers further preserve their voice in an effort to give the best performance possible.

Remember Who The Show Is For

The best live performers do their best to focus on the fans. Their devoted fans are the reason they’re able to perform. They’ve spent their hard-earned money on tickets to see them perform and it’s important to give them the best performance you can so they leave happy.

The best performers stay focused and exude confidence in every performance. They strive to give the best live performance possible to give the fans the best experience of their lives; after all, they couldn’t be performing if it weren’t for them. They make sure they’re in their peak health and the perfect mental state to deliver the best show possible.



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